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They delivered one with bolts sticking out of the bottom. I missed a days work.

They said they would deliver another one the next day. The driver left the bad one for the next guy. Before he left I said it also was not cooling and he said it would take time. It never did cool.

The next one was to be delivered after 4 p.m. so I did not miss work. They called me and said it would be coming between 11 and 2. I said I would not be home.

The next day I called the store and they fixed that. Next came another one. Freezer door was broken and we did not notice until the deliver guys brought it in. I said I did not want it.

The deliver man was mad as he had to remove doors and take both of the back. I said it was not my fault. Felt terrible. When he left he turned over a garbage can.

3rd generation Sears and this is not the first time. All we own is Sears but in the last 3 years all we had it problems with all purchases. I am done.

No more. Bought an Amana.

  • Sears bad product horrible deliver
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Sears Response


We’re sorry that our customer service did not meet expectations with your refrigerator purchase. My name is David with our Sears Social Media Support team. I can understand your reluctance to shopping with us considering your recent experience. We would like the opportunity to have a case manager discuss your experience and address any other concerns you may have. If you would like to discuss this situation further, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anonymous446091), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we’re sorry for any trouble caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

David W.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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