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called for repair to my washing machine. estimate came in at 979 dollars.

after i refused repair, machine has begun leaving grease marks and spots all over my clothing. subsequent emails between sears and myself have netted an offer of a $25 gift card. here's my final reply to them

gosh, you guys really don't get it do you? but since i didn't really believe this issue could be resolved, i'm not really surprised to be offered a $25 gift card.

someone in your organization needs to realize that unhappy customers tell other people and that the only way to change someone's opinion is to change the way you do business. if you have access to the repair estimate produced by your repairman, take a look at the estimated parts cost. if you think about it, replacing two parts on my machine costs more than an entire washing machine. obviously, when you produce the machines, there is no way those parts cost that much because you wouldn't be able to produce the machine at a cost that would be reasonable for someone to purchase.

it leads me to believe that the Sears attitude is a combination of planned obsolescence and disrespect for their customers. Instead of producing a machine that can last for 15-20 years, like the one my mother owns, we'll slap together something that might make it 6 or 7, and, upon finding that the price of repairing the machine is outrageous, our customers will have no choice but to spend another 7 or 8 hundred dollars purchasing a new one. And that is probably what will happen with me.

It will NOT be from Sears.

I know that customer service has no real power to change the company attitude and of course, I realize that this isn't your fault, so I hope that you don't take my rant personally. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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disrespect indeed. My next washer won't be from Sears either.

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