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Sears Blue Crew Service repaired my Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator last week replacing the diffuser/damper which controls the chilled air flow to the refrigerator. The job took less than half an hour, but I was charged $219 for the labor (+ $104 for the part).

The technician explained that he did not calculate the labor charge, it was per the job code he entered for the replacement part. That works out to be a labor rate of over $400 per hour ... or from a different perspective, if the applicable labor rate used was $100 per hour then the job should have taken over 4 hours.

Sears has refused to provide any explanation for the apparently excessive charge. What a ripoff!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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I had a sears "repairman" come to my home today because my 3 year old washing machine is squeaking during the wash cycle. The "repairman" knelt down in front of my machine, stuck his arm in and moved the drum around, stood up and informed me that the entire drum/motor/bearing assembly/gaskets would have to be replaced.

He could not get his computer to work in my home so he called to get a price on the parts. "That's too cheap" I heard him say to the person quoting him the price. So, the "repairman" went out to his truck and came back with a quote of $999 (parts only). He collected his $75 service charge and went on his merry way.

Am I expecting too much out of a "repairman"? I though he would remove the back panel and at least look inside the machine to verify his assumption was correct. Do they teach these "repairmen" to use psychic powers to diagnose what is wrong with the machine? And, because the initial price quote was "too cheap" did he decide to inflate the cost in order to make it worth his while or get his day done since his service call time is from 8-12, and it was 11:58.

I called the "customer service" department to complain, and the woman in charge of taking complaints would only focus on the $75 service charge, she would not acknowledge the fact that this "repairman" did nothing to verify what was wrong with my machine.

So, when you call the blue crew, just bend over and grab your ankles when they walk in. Because they are not there to fix anything, it's just easy money for them.


Seriously, worst service I have ever encountered..... still sitting here 30 days later waiting for our washer to be fixed or for a new one, which we were also told we would get since our parts are on back order!

Washer is a front loader and only two years old! I can't even get in to the headache that this has been!


called for service last week for our washer, the tech was schedule to come yesterday between 1-5. I recieved a phone call saying the tech would be at our house around 4, called at 5 was told he was running behind but will be there.

Needless to say at 7pm still no tech, called and the lady said what are you talking about the tech ordered a board at 5:30pm for your machine. Aked how is that possible when he never came to my house, spoke with a supewrvisor at that point just to be told that there is nothiing he could do till tomorrow and he douts that a tech will come to my house on Saturday. AT 9 am still heard nothing so I called and was hung up on 10 times and was told by one person named Abdul that I couldn't talk to a supervisor. They don't want you to talk to the people who dispatch in your area, to were you would get answers because they are the ones who dispatch the techs.

Bottom line never recieved answers, still have a broken washer, PAID FOR A SERVICE CONTRACT ON IT. WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!



Called for dishwasher repair on Tues said the couldn't get to me until Fri (Good Fri) So I told them I would wait but I made them PROMISE they would be out to fix it on Fri. 3:30 they call to cancel.

I call their OFFSHORE call center several times only to be put on hold for over 15 min twice. Finally got someone to answer and I could almost understand them. Are they coming tomorrow morning NO! 1st thing Mon NOT they want me to wait until Wed.

So I get to have Easter with a dishwasher full of putrid water! Sears BLUE crew will make you Blue alright and then make you see RED!


On 1/14/2011 at 8:30 am I called Blue Service Crew for an emergency refrigerator repair. Over night everything melted in the freezer and the temperature inside the refrigerator was at 50 degrees.

Service center stated they could not get anyone out till 1/19/2011. After many phone calls finally got a service person on 1/15/2011. Service person replaced a relay that he assured was the problem. At 2:30 am 1/16/2011 the temperature inside the refrigerator is still above 60 degrees.

Now this being Sunday and I the BLUE SERVICE CREW call center closed. Now I have to wait till 1/17/2011 at which time the center will probably still be closed because of a National Holiday,now we are at the 18th I'll call and not get a service tech out this date.

thank you BLUE CREW.


You are paying for a trained and experienced technician to repair your product. You couls take a class at a comunity college and fix it youreself? Just think of all the money you could save!


A trained techician in Sears administrative procedures and schooling based on small local management and corporate budgets.

Sears nor is Sears Service anything close to what they were decades ago. They are run by bean counters period, they figure if they put a number on a computer or outsourced company/call center they can handle it.

The human element is taken out. They don't want thinkers.


We purchased a complete set of new kitchen appliances from Sear's in October 2009. All were delivered and installed by Sear contracted service technicians. All are under the manufacturer's one-year warranty and service policy. On July 18, 2010, approximately 9-months after the purchase, the $500+ Whirlpool Microwave Oven stopped working. A Sears the earliest a Sears technician could make out was on 5:00 pm July, 24, 2010. He took Microwave apart, but determined he could not repair it without ordering new parts as it needed a replacement microwave radar heating element. He also told my wife and I that he's had more problems with all models of Microwaves sold by Sears because the parts are manufacturered in countries like China, Mexico and other and they are not subject to quality control standards that are required by the U.S. He said there's not quarantee the repair will fix the problem. He said normally, one could expect a microwave to last 10 years or more. The parts were ordered and the next available time available for a technician to come out was July 30, 2010. The techician, again, took the microwave a part and installed the new parts. It worked when he tested it to heat a cup of water. Again, I asked him how long the repair will last, he said there was no guarantee. He was right, the next day, on July 31, 2010, my wife attempted to cook some vegtables in the Microwave and the radar it had the same problem which more than likely is the heating element. So far now Two Weeks Without a Microwave -- faulty, poorly manufactured, two visits by a service technician who could guarantee Sears his work or the reliance on Sears Sold Products or there replacement parts.

Bottom Line Up Front: Now comes the Run Around -- technically after 90 days Sears Does Not Want to Know You, period!

We when to the Sears store Store at the Brandon Mall in Brandon, FL where we talked to the Sears Blue Appliance Crew Consultants, that what they call themselves, they didn't want to know us either unless we were buying something new. We explained the problem, but of course they didn't care to hear us or offer solutions. The handed us a card to call Sears Customer Solutions at 1-800-479-6351. They are well trained to give the run around as well, with continuous comments like "we understand you concern," we really want to help you,". They don't really care, its just an effort to wear you down. Here's why and what they told us. After 90-days there's nothing they can do. There's two solutions; 1) we can direct you directly to the repair service to schedule to have a technician come out. Which another week or so, a technician comes out, diagnosis the problem, order parts an a week or so later come out. The Sears Customers Solutions representative said Sears will do that as many times as it takes up until the one year anniversary date of the purchase after which I will have to start paying for the services calls. Or, 2) I can purchase and extended warranty for several hundred dollars and Sears technicians will continue to come to "try" or "attempt" to fix the probelem. The Sears Customer Solutions center is a joke -- they could care less either, its all about getting more...out of you. We'll be without a microwave for more than likely a month or so, thanks to the *** service from Sear's, bottom line if you can fix something after two times, its not worth the effort, especially on an appliance that's less then a year old.

I have purchaed Sears Appliances and products for years. Not Any More! Its obvious this is a lemon. Sears knows it and they are going to do everything possible to run this out three more months until they can walk aware from my expense and time.

People Listen-up; beware don't Buy From Sears its not worth you money and your time.