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I give up I need your help. I am forced to go on boards for help. Blue Ribbon team is absolutely no help: here is my story:

I took my sewing machine for repair to the Vernon Hills, IL, Sears Store in early July (before my daughter's wedding (in mid July), and I was excited at the prospect of having functioning machine when we returned. The problem with the sewing machine was simply that the top and bottom threads were not even. However, when I returned from the wedding I found to my dismay that no one knew anything about the status of my sewing machine – I had the paperwork and gave them all the information when I called 3 ½ weeks after I dropped it off. (It was to take two weeks to repair). After many hours someone from Sears called to tell me they found the sewing machine in a corner in the Vernon Hills store…no one had even shipped it to the Sears repair location! Two weeks later I got a voice message that my machine was not repairable because the motor smoked and smelled….it never did when it was in my possession. Probably this occurred when it was "bounced" around at the Sears store in Vernon Hills. I eventually got the machine back, the motor supposedly operational, but the sewing mechanism, which worked imperfectly before, now did not work at all!

I received this sewing machine as a gift from my mother-in-law in 1963 and it came with a life time warrantee. I am still alive. Sears totally destroyed my machine. I have the instruction book, all the notes from the courses I took on Damen Ave. in Chicago and all the original attachments. The warrantee card I do not have – it was on a separate piece of paper which I no longer can find. After all that was many years ago. I am willing to take as many lie detector tests as you want – my machine was and is covered with a life time warrantee. I can tell you that several times in the last fifteen years I had taken the machine to the now closed Sears Service Center on Waukegan Road in Deerfield, IL. They honored the warrantee and never charged a penny to repair the machine. The last time I took it there several years ago it was with the same uneven thread problem as last July. But Sears has no record of that repair, even though it was only 3 years ago. And Sears has no record under my former married name or my mother-in-law's name from 1963. Now I am the one with the problem. It is my understanding that since K-Mart bought Sears they kept a minimal history on sewing machines….my problem, not theirs..

In mid-July my husband and I first spoke with Mike Rayburn pertaining to our Case number 3249954. It seems these call centers cannot make calls out except at certain times (we can never pre-arrange a phone call as I do not sit in the house waiting for the call). Also, they do not have the authority to do anything real regarding this problem. Mike Rayburn did have me send the machine back when I said the repair must be on someone else's machine as mine never had those problems. I did and as I mentioned it came back worse than when I brought it in. Now in addition, the wheel that is to spin to put thread on a bobbin does not work at all.

I received a letter from Sears dated Nov 5 and called the 800.995.2139 phone number given me. When I gave my case number I was told Ann on extension 68 was my representative. She has called twice – I keep telling her we need to arrange a time we can talk. I give her my cell number and asked her to call me on that number rather than my home number as I can't sit by the phone day after day to receive her phone call. I give up, I cannot reach her. Her last message was a week ago. I have called her twice a day and she does not return my phone calls. It is now obvious Sears does not care about customers!!

I have now been without my sewing machine which I loved (and it sits in a solid walnut cabinet). I have not been able to do any repairs or make any clothes for my grandchildren because of Sears. Sears use to be such a wonderful store. What happened? Blue Ribbon Service is non-existent service and only frustrates a prior happy consumer.

I am now in my late 60s and in two weeks we leave for a condo in Florida because of my health.

My question is, what is Sears going to do about a customer that has a life time warrantee that is being ignored. How can I get to anyone to deal with this problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I am having the worst service I have ever received from any company. Sears Blue Ribbon is a JOKE!!!

There was damnage done to my home upon a delivery, we paid for first quality merchandise but received returned damaged product. It took 4 deliveries to finally get all of our kitchen appliences.

This has been going on since June 1 2013 and issues are still not resolved!!! The Blue Ribbon team will not give me the name or information for a supervisor or higher ups within the company...."there aren't any"


I agree 100+%!!!!!! I have been struggling with BlueRibbon going on 4 yrs now!!!

& the probles has yet to be anywhere near resolved.. I will be saving this site as a fav and will be back soon to advise of what's happened w/ me trying to help my disabled Mom & Dad (I too am disabled-cervical fusion and now told need 4 more:( I just am not feeling well enough to right now & I also want to make sure I list Rebecca's (@ Blue Ribbon) last name correctly.. It has been the worst "business" I have ever had in my 39 yrs.. & that is after being happy w/ Sears all of my life too!

However, I alo feel that Sears needs to "get on board" & figure out another way w/out blue ribbon due to blue ribbons disgraceful, unethical,etc.. way of so called "doing good business/getting what you pay for" image... Sears should know better!

I am with ALL of those who have had on-going issues (to say the very least!).. I too truly get it-unfortunately for us all!


Christine Bryant :x