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SEARS OUTLET FRAUD, Got a twenty dollar off coupon code for my order of a toolbox that was to be new in the box. Well the toolbox was out of the box being used as a work station at the counter with a pile of *** on it, with damage too.

I asked If I could have some cardboard to place it in my truck, remember I bought it as new in the box ! Nope your on your own was the reply and then a system wide crash of their computers. Gee I just traveled 50 miles to pick this up, You'll have to come back tomorrow was the reply.. So much for trying to avoid the over priced shipping option.

And for that $20 of coupon code if you use in thirty days, with a $299 order, well gee it's bogus won't work no way no how.

A note to customer service was a no reply. Sears won't be happy until the doors slam shut.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I bought a Icoffee maker and started a account for $20 in savings. Well it did not work and they did not carry a replacement or was willing to let myself exchange product for equally priced item.

This forced return by Sears causes a revocation of all earned, spent or not, coupons or points in transaction to be voided. This company Scam allows them to take away all advertised and given discounts for Christmas because the percent of returns by buyer and with gift receipts by recipients probably is in the 70% + range and if you spent your bonus points they will re access it to your credit card for an, un agreed upon, amount that was not signed at register. My reward by manager JEREMY SILVA.


After arguing he gives myself a sticker with a cash register transaction on it and tails me I will have to come back in 24 hours and I could use the credit but before handing it to me he tells me and the other customers that I do not DESERVE this credit. I asked him to sign his name he refused and said he would not be threatened.

I told him I would report him to call for action 11 news. He told me he was going to remove the credit. I told him he was costing SEARS another big purchase today and I walked away to leave after I was half way across store 10 feet from door he yells from tool department, across home goods, about 150'. That I was banned from the store.

The last time I heard someone yell that loud in a store was during a robbery. This man is costing Sears it's revenue and has no business interacting with customers. If you no how to link it corporate feel free. A $350 purchase to be returned and loss on a $1500 air compressor that was to be purchased that day.

I no that my moms gift was ruined and I then had to buy another gift to replace a junk item sears stocked for Christmas with no warranty being honored. In my opinion they are purposely hurting consumers to increase their profit margin. $25 from me times how many customers and it equals corporate fraud, false advertising involving credit cards, adds for promotional bonuses and just having good products with exchanges available.

Very shameful way to treat American bread consumers that are loyal to your brand.

Not honoring warranties is the first sign of a company that is going to shut down. Thank JEREMY SILVA for the loss of store at SEARS at Southgate Colorado Springs Colorado.

His Email is above. Hope it never happens to another customer while trying to shop for his mom on Christmas.

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