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Update by user Nov 12, 2011

I got an email on Friday, telling me that they will replace my television. It Arrived Saturday, Morning at ten. That was fast.

I Can\'t say That It makes it all right but it\'s a step in the right direction. In all Probability, I won\'t be shopping online at

sears, But Thanks to the courtesy and helpfulness of the managerial staff at the Regency mall, Jax. Fl., location I haven\'t

completely dismissed Sears, from my list of Vendors.

Original review posted by user Nov 09, 2011

I remember Sears, being my family's place to shop for goods since I was child. Appliances,tools,televisions,tires,were all synonomous with "Sears". That is why when I came across "sears.com", while online shopping for a tv for my father I decided to buy from them without checking online reviews.

He wanted me to put it on his new sears credit card so he cou.ld take advantage of some rewards proAgram and get no interest for 18 months. I agreed to give him cash and he could pay at his leasure. While awaiting a conformation for the order, I was sent an email stating that my order was cancelled as per my request. Huh?

I called them to tell that no such request was ever made. I gave them my fathers information then was asked if I were him. I told them no, but I am an authorized user on the account. I was told that he had to be the one on the the one on the phone to which I replied that he was ill and he did not speak english well.

At her insistance I handed my father the phone he gave her his ssn# & such he said he didnt understand and I could handle it. Whe I got on she would not deal with me. I suggested that she talk slower or I could get us on speaker and translate. I was then accused of fraud and my order would not be processed until we could prove ourselves.

After all the private info we had given her she would only process the order if we went to our nearest location with the card and ID and got approval from some fraud guy. As stubborn as l am, I went. There I talked to the store manager and she was baffled. She had not heard of such a thing and kindly looked into it for us.

After some time on the phone she located the people and told them that she had seen all our documents and were indeed legitimate. She was then told that she could not verify us. It had to be the fraud guy who happened to be out that day. After some talking they finally took the word of a store manager. And processed the order.

I get the tv and my father loved it except it sits crooked on the stand and the speaker buzzez. Here we go with the "No hassle return/ exchange" policy. Went online and tried the return exchange feature on the site. One word; useless. I then called customer service and went through the info game and told him that the set has some issues

I want to exchange it for the same one. He said I had to talk to a specialist and tranfered me. I give all the info again and ask a few questions about the exchange procedure and he says in a rude way " I don't know ". He said that he was in Tempe Arizona and couldnt help me or answer my questions and I had to contact someone in my area

I finally get ahold of someone that can help. I am told that I cannot exchange the tv. But I can return it for credit and buy another exact same model for around two more dollars. What? After all I went through to buy it they want more money. After telling of my experience in this purchase I was told that a case investigator would do an evaluation and contact me. Not holding my breath. Shame on you Sears, I spent over three thousand on a tv from you and you treat me like garbage!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Sears Response

Dear Letitride,

My name is Robert and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team and we value you as our Sears customer. We apologize for the frustration and hassle you have encountered with your television. We understand the importance of having a proper working item in the home. I have seen your updated post with this issue being resolved and you’re replacement arriving on Saturday. If there are any other questions and/or concerns that you may have, please email us at smsupport@searshc.com. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Thank you for being our Sears customer and we appreciate your business.

Thank you,

Robert B.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


their custome service needs an overhaul. there is no service in customer service.

great brand being ruined by their people on the phone.


Another (dis)satisfied Sears customer!! Who would have thunk it??


It was two hundred more dollars not two. Typo.