I have a Master Service Protection Agreement with Sears on a Kenmore refrigerator that I really wished I had not purchased. Anyway, the lever that dispenses water is broken and I need to have it replaced.

I contacted Sears over three weeks ago and made the appointment to have it repaired. They cancelled the appointment this am because the technician never made it in to work today. Nice. They said the service manager called the home number to let us know but we never got the message.

Meanwhile all day long my husband was held prisoner waiting for Sears all day to fix the refrigerator. I called the home repair number when I got home from work only to learn that they needed to reschedule. Will they show up though who knows. I will never again purchase anything from Sears.

I guess the CEO sure doesn't.

It just so happens that my Master Protection Agreement is going to be expires the day after this second appt is scheduled. I will let everyone know of my experiences with Sears.

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