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We ordered a recliner sofa from Sears and received confirmation that it will be delivered on Feb 11,2008. Deliver guys came and looked for 10 seconds at the back door and said it wont fit.

Before my husband could tell them that we have a sliding door in the livingroom, the guys hurriedly said, we can't do it see you later, cancel it if you wamt then took off. In a matter of 2 minutes. Called Sears Delivery back to reschedule (as we went online to see if the couch coud be dismantled and it can) They confirmed delivery for Feb 14,2008 between the hours 0f 12oopm to 900pm. Called around 5:00 pm February 14,208 while waiting from 12:00pm and Sears customer service told us it has been cancelled.

Bottomline, what gives? Such incompetence. No wonder sales is not doing to good. From the delivery guys to customer service - one word....


I wont recommend Sears and never again would I step foot in any of their stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Sears is doing this By Design.

The End is near. The raiding of a companies assets and statue of limitations


I also have huge concerns about the lackadaisical attitude of Sears Canada and their inattention to customers. I purchased a Kenmore Elite HE3 washer and dryer three years ago, as well as the five year maintenance program.

Dryer stopped working 25 days ago for, as I now have discovered, a common complaint of control panel failure. Five or more phone calls and Sears failured to produce the control panel in a timely fashion ( tech said about ten days).It was shipped out of the USA (apparently) to the wrong part of the Province and Sears did not have enough common sense to overnight it to the repair tech, who advised them THAT HE WOULD WAIT FOR THE PART and install it prior to the Labour Day weekend. This is total disregard for customers. I had my family and friends here over the long weekend, some with small kids and no dryer facilities.

I, like many other submitters, have purchased my last item from Sears and my house is full of Sears products purchased within the last five years, at substantial expense.

Rating of Sears out of 10 ? 000!!!


Sears Delivery is sucks ...


So I placed an order for numerous items at and was told items would be delivered the following week. Come the following week and no items are in sight.

I call back, only to find out my items are out of stock and on backorder. I ask to cancel the order then, as the backordered items will take almost two months to get in---however it is just an estimate, and could be longer. I am not only refused the cancellation, but told I have to wait until delivery and then ask for the return, which will then be brought back and processesed before a refund given. They have already charged my card, which I will have to pay to avoid interest.

I am out money, and the items until they can get their *** together. Oh, and it took a dozen calls before I could finally find someone who speaks friggin english.


I totally agree, Sears had a great reputation, thats why we bought over 30 years of appliances from them. Kenmore and mastercraft is on the name of everything in our house, but no longer.

Bit by bit I am replacing due to the fact I am on day 7 of waiting for them to "make a decision about my broken fridge". The technician has come and gone. Imagine...this is not a blender people, this is a fridge...7 days, with a family of 6 and a husband in a wheelchair. Go figure.

I am very upset with Sears and their non chalant attitude.

What a shame they lost us as customers. Their own doing.



Air Conditioner purchased at Sears two years ago was not cooling the house. Called Sears to send a technician. Waited two weeks in the heat of July. The technician arrived and was rude and said there was no problem with the air conditioner. Called Sears and requested to speak with a manager. No call back after 4 days of ridculous heat. Called another repair company. They came and diagnosed and fixed the problem in 5 minutes.

Called Sears again to complain, and they said the warranty is now void. LOL. Thanks for nothing Sears. I will never purchase another item from Sears again.


I ordered a set of baby furniture which took literally 7 tries. I ordered online and I never did get a call from anyone until I called myself and they told me they no longer had any more in stock nor on back order it might possibly be that the furniture was recalled.

The second time I had someone hang up on me and would not let me speak to a supervisor. The customer service people never leave notes on their system (which by the way their system is ancient and they're alwways complianing that it's slow when I'm on a call.

They have my things coming in on two different days and it's very very frustrating. This is the final time I'll ever order anything from them again.l


I wouldn't recommend buying a gas fireplace from Sears either! Two months ago we signed a contract to have one installed.

On May 1st they came to install it but "forgot" to order the glass. After endless phone calls to a dozen different people at Sears and zero communcation between departments, we finally had someone from Sears come in and install the glass two days ago (it's now the end of May!).

Unfortunately, it wasn't the right glass but by this time I just wanted it in and won't EVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from Sears ever again. I swear dealing with them took years off my life!


:( two weeks and 30-40 phonecalls and I still have not got my washer ( under warranty) fixed. There is no communication in between the service department, parts department, contractors and sears technicians.

I will not recommend anyone buying appliances from sears until they have these problems sorted out.

What a terrible mess. It is so bad that it is almost funny (if it wasn't so terribly frustrating)


We bought a $7000 Natuzzi sofa. 18 months after delivery, the colour started to come out when wiped with a clean damp cloth.

Sears sent their leather guy out who said he wouldn't try to fix it. It could ruin his reputation as the colour could never be matched. Natuzzi sent their leather guy who SPRAY PAINTED it!! A few months later he had to come again as another section was losing colour.

Again he spray painted it!!!

Now about a year later, the sections that were spray painted are cracking and white chunks are showing up. Sears won't reply to my complaint!!!


Yeah, it seems their delivery service and their order department don't work together. I ordered patio furniture online and scheduled it for Friday delivery.

I got a call the Wednesday before saying the delivery van was in my driveway at home attempting to deliver it and no one was home. I told them that they were mistaken and delivery was scheduled for Friday. They basically called me a liar. I got transferred/given alternate numbers to call (each time I was more or less called a liar) and 3 calls later I finally got a woman to reschedule for Saturday.

So much for my weekend plans! I asked for a refund of my delivery charges (since I'm now losing time to accept this delivery) and she said she couldn't refund the delivery but wouldn't charge me for the second delivery even though she should. It was THEIR fault! Of course it's my word against theirs since their online order history has been offline for weeks now and when I printed the online receipt it only showed an order number and a date.

Another time I ordered online and got an email to say the order was in but when I went to pick it up that evening was told it wasn't in. I even had the email in hand. I called corporate office the next day who told me it should have been there for me to pick up once I received the email. It was a large item and I had to reschedule someone (whom I paid) twice to finally get the item.

Again, no reimbursement for the hassle THEY caused. I thought I'd avoid all this by having them deliver the patio furniture but I was wrong.

They only made a bigger mess out of what should have been a hassle-free transaction. Time to start shopping elsewhere!