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I bought a front loader washer and dryer from Sears Canada in October 2009. Since the day I received it has given us nothing but problems.

We are currently on our 4 services call (in 3 months) and Sears has said the only way that it can be replaced is if the techinicain deems it unrepairable. Again, they gave me the excuse about the 30 days return poilcy.

So, my plan is to call Sears and schedule a service repair with then every week until the machine is replaced.

All of the current applicanes that are in our hours are from Sears. Since this experience I will NEVER, EVER buy from Sears again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Hey ***,

The reason we did not return the washer and dryer day 1 is because Sears used to have an amazing service department and we never had issues in the past with service call and there other products.

Thanks for your response ***!!!!!!


What i find common among these complaints is everyone saying "from day one". Well if there's a 30 day return policy, why did you keep it if it was faulty from day one?? ***


Talk about Dejavu. I had the same exact experience as JMorton.

3 Months without a washer and 6 service calls. They would make appointments and not show up or come with no parts or the wrong parts. I was given the same 30 day return policy excuse when I demanded a new one. The matching dryer never worked the day we brought it home and it took 3 service calls, which was again after the 30 day period.

Anyone thinking about Sears appliances should think again, and go somewhere else.

Everytime you call them they want your personal information even if you get transfreered three times you have to give it again and again. It is the most inefficient, time consuming process I have ever seen.

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