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Long time SEARS customer (25+ years). Purchase most major household items from SEARS but increasingly concerned with issues of quality and customer service. Problems in past with SEARS business practices relating to SEARS CARDS. Had a SEARS CARD in the past but cancelled due to these concerns and, as a result, cautious in continuing to purchase from SEARS. However, did reapply for a SEARS CARD at customer reps recommendation in order to take advantage of sales incentives offered on a recent purchase. This was done with the belief that SEARS deserved a second chance and the hope that things have improved. Sorry to note THAT THIS IS NOT THE CASE and that SEARS QUESTIONABLE CREDIT PRACTICES CONTINUE.


Purchased a complete set of kitchen appliances in NOV 2011. Not in stock and did not receive until approximately 30 DAYS LATER. Purchased on a 90 day deferred payment plan with intention to pay in full within those 90 days. Final payment is not due for 3 weeks from today.

Received a call today from a very aggressive representative telling me that my SEARS CARD account is in arrears of over 30 days. As card was only used for this one purchase and payment is not due until mid-FEB/2012, I advised rep that there must be some mistake and requested she re-check her information. Was advised that SEARS had recently changed their policy and that NOW on deferred payment sales a minimum payment per month is required. THIS IS COUNTER TO THE INFORMATION PROVIDED AT TIME OF SALE, something that the sales rep confirmed multiple times in lobbying to make the sale.

When I informed the SEARS CARD rep that this was not the understanding at purchase I was advised that this was a recent change and that I was not being charged interest on the minimum monthly payments in arrears, however, these monies were due in addition to the deferred payment?? I pointed out that payment was not due until mid-FEB and that, therefore, I would not be paying any additional monies beyond a one-time full payment as per the original purchase contract. SEARS CARD rep then became very aggressive and began pressing for an exact date on which payment would be made, how payment was being made (cheque or credit card?, via on-line banking or in person?). I reiterated to that full payment would be made by due date but declined to give any specifics beyond this. She continued to press and did not stop until I confirmed that I would make the payment via on-line banking.

When I questioned SEARS CARD rep as to why such a call would be made to a customer with an excellent credit rating and no past concerns, I was told this was a "courtesy call to remind me of the upcoming payment date as some customers make deferred purchase plans and then forget they have a payment due". When I asked if there was any reason why I would be considered a risk, I was assured that there was not.

I expressed my concern and upset that these types of pre-emptive calls were being made without just cause and asked for an explanation. ALL I GOT WAS THE STANDARD, CANNED "IT'S OUR POLICY M'AAM". At this point I became frustrated and ended the conversation.

I will make my payment within the contracted timeframe, BUT this is the last major purchase I will make from SEARS CANADA, my credit card will be cancelled, cut up and returned. LAST CHANCE SEARS AND YOU BLEW IT...AGAIN!!

Also have to say that, after reading of others experiences, I'm more than a little worried about our recent purchases and hope nothing goes wrong with the appliances or we are likely to find ourselves in a real mess. FORWARNED IS FORARMED!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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