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Tried to buy a Sole F85 treadmill from Sears December 29th, 2010. We were given an original shipping date of Feb 1, 2011. My wife phoned the customer service center the morning of the 1st and was told that the treadmill was scheduled to be delivered some time that day. The treadmill hadn't arrived by 4:30 pm so my wife phoned and was told that the delivery date had been changed to Feb 4th. This upset her a bit as she had stayed home the whole day but there was little we could do; she could not get an answer as to why the treadmill hadn"˜t come. Feb 3rd we received a call from out local Sears saying that our product would be delivered the next day. My wife waited at home again, the treadmill did not arrive by the afternoon so she called the customer service center and was informed that treadmill was now supposed to be delivered on Tuesday Feb 8th. This was incredibly frustrating, we phoned the local store and the customer service center a few more times, they expressed regret but they did not seem to be able to tell us what had happened to the treadmill. We were told that it was to be delivered on Feb 8th and that it should arrive at our local Sears on the 7th. We called our local Sears on the 7th and no treadmill had arrived . We called through to the customer service center and we were told that they would place a trace on the location of the treadmill and phone us back. Never heard back so my wife phoned them at 5 pm our time. We were told that it looked like our treadmill had arrived at our local store in January but it was mislabelled with another persons name so they sent it back. They offered to order us another treadmill but they said it would be March 7th before it came in. We cancelled our order.

Very frustrated with Sears:

1) The full value of the treadmill was billed to our credit card for the last 5 weeks. This means we will pay some interest for something we never received.

2) My wife stayed at home from 9-5 for two days. This was a waist of time.

3) If someone had investigated what happened to the treadmill on Feb 1st it could have saved a weeks worth of frustration.

4) We were told our reorder wouldn't arrive until March 7th you would think that if a company made a mistake that they would do everything possible to get the item to the customer as quickly as possible. Must be able to get this product from the manufacturer quicker than this.

You may see this same message on other sites I'm trying to warn as many people as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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