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On January 23, 2008 a crib mattress was ordered through Sears' 'Ship-a-Gift' program. The delivery date was for January 30.

On the 30th I received a phone call saying my mattress had been put on the wrong truck and instead of going to London (where I live) it was now in Cambridge. I was told that it should be here by the weekend. When Saturday evening arrived I called the Corporate Customer Service (CCS) line to find out what was happening. I was then told that it should arrive on Monday or Tuesday (Feb 4 or 5).

When Tuesday evening arrived and my mattress hadn't I again called the CCS to find out when my mattress would arrive. I was basically told that they had no idea where my mattress was and that I should call back at the end of the week.

Friday evening (February 8) I again call CCS to see what's happening and again they still have no idea. I am asked to wait one more week and call back.

On Friday evening I was finally told that it would be here on Thursday February 21. I received a phone call on February 19 telling me that my delivery would be on the 21st. I was not going to be home so I called the number provided to make other arrangements and was told that they didn't have me booked for delivery as the mattress had not yet been received here in London. I was also told that it was delivered to the wrong location and needed to be redirected! What? Again? You've Got to be Kidding, Right?!?! Nope!

Today is February 25th and this ridiculous ordeal is STILL going on. My mattress STILL has not arrived. Sears STILL has NO IDEA of when it will be delivered to my home.

Here's a good one!

After nearly 5 weeks of waiting I was just told yesterday (through an email) that I could cancel my order if I wanted to. I told them that after all this time they should be giving the mattress to me for FREE for all the time and effort I have spent on this and to compensate me for my extreme patience (still waiting to see what's going to happen with my request).

It should be noted that the mattress that was ordered has NEVER been on back-order so there is absolutely NO REASON why it should not be here. There is one reason and ONLY one reason why I don't have my mattress - because ONE employee who works in shipping who can not read a delivery label correctly. Ridiculous!

I honestly can't believe that a company as large as Sears could be so incompetent.

Get this one!

Sears has a policy that when an item gets delivered to the wrong location they take the item and put it on a truck and let it sit there until the truck fills up and ONLY then will they send the truck back to Belleville so the item can again be sent back out for delivery. This process can take up to a week, possibly longer (in my case, 5 weeks and counting).

The reason behind this? Sears needs a credit card number to generate a new order!

Hrmm, what's the deal with my mattress then? Sears got a credit card number when the order was placed through the 'ship-a-gift' program so as soon as this item was shipped to the wrong location a new order should have been immediately generated (that is their policy). This would also have meant that I could get my mattress (a gift for our new son) in a timely manner. Apparently this is just another excuse in the long list of excuses that they seem to have when it comes to why items aren't received.

I seriously doubt that they will get any further business from either the sender of the mattress or myself as they honestly don't deserve it.

Should I receive the gift cards I asked for I will use them! I want to get what I rightfully deserve but then you can rest assured that I will boycott the store - there are plenty of other stores that will happily take my money AND provide me with quality customer service too!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

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