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I have even worse experience. I placed an order in thanksgiving for a TV with a good price, I even paid delivery fee which is 69.99, then 2 days before the delivery, I was told the order was cancelled because they can't go through security check. Then I called my credit card company, nothing is wrong, the money has been transferred to sears several days ago. Then discover bank called sears with me standing by online for a 3 way conference call. Discover found sears' notes about cancellation is that " they checked with me and didn't go through the security, they checked with discover bank, still didn't go through security, so they cancelled the fraud order"! Discover claimed that they never got any call from sears, and they release the money immediately after I placed the order. I request sears to present the phone call record about the verification, they refused. They said sorry, but suggest me placing order again, but with the price of $400 more than my original order.

It is even funny a thing is: sears only cancelled my thanksgiving order. The order which I placed after thanksgiving with normal price is still there. If they can't verify my information, suspect it is fake, why they keep the other orders?

Sears cheat customer in an obvious way. And it is their security department fake the information about me and bank, so I suspect the safety about transaction with them. I will never shop in sears anymore, and I will tell all my friends avoid them because they are cheating.

Monetary Loss: $1157.

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Today I got another email from sears, they said that they always got more orders than inventory, so they will cancel some orders. So security is a just so called excuse, although we are full credit score family, although the bank talked to them directly to prove that we are the real card holder!

They just screwed up!

*** sears. I never use this dirty word in my whole life, but *** SEARS!

They are really terrible, they insult us just want to cancel the order. They could figure out a better way to do it!

Again, *** SEARS!


Thank you, won'tbefooled.

Their customer service is really terrible, and they replied my email and phone with rediculous way, and eventually they only offer 5% off. But my thanksgiving order is 999.99+69.99 shipping + tax, and I placed order through discover card "discover shop partner", which I can get 160 as cash bonus (actually discover already gave to me since they paid sears and the transaction finished, afterwards, sears said that I am faking the credit card and cancelled the order". They really insult us since our credit score is almost full.

Now the price is 1399.99+69.99+ tax, they agree to give us 5% off, which means we still need to spend 350 more than our original order. Plus we cancelled our discover card, so we need to pay 160 more, which means we totally lost 510. We don't want to continue with sears anymore, they are not terrible, they are horrible. They fake information about bank and security, and we are scared since if they can fake this, they could do anything horrible to customer.



Oh and they sent me a 200$ gift card as 10% off my order. So, you need to let them know you won't accept it and they have to make good.


Listen, I had a similar experience with my Thanksgiving order being canceled. Call and ask for "online solutions".

I insisted they give me the price. But it didn't end there because they had to credit my Sears card which took an enormous amount of time. In the meantime it went out of stock online. I laid it on the line.

I said, you will make this right for me in some way. They ended up calling a local store who agreed to honor the price. Don't give up.

You are the customer. They need to make it right.

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