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I am trying to get my money refunded from Sears for a water heater installation that Sears cancelled.It's been 8 days since the original purchase.

It took Sears only 10 minutes to debit my account. I have been transferred from dept to dept and some depts aren't even open when they transfer me. I have been unsuccessful in getting my money returned. My next step is the attorney general.

Sears says they didn't have a licensed plumber in my area.

That is really sad since Sears is only 5 miles from my house.The phone number Sears gave me for call back is 1-800-497-4402.

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KMart now owns Sears. Need I say more?


I know exactly what you're going through.I ordered a stove through on Sept.

6th and the next day received an email that cancelled my order. In the email, it said I would receive a refund in 3-5 business days. Well, 8 days go by and no refund. So, I send an email saying I haven't gotten my refund from the order cancelled.

I get the reply that it will have to be "researched". Well, another few days go by so I send another email and receive a reply that I will get a refund in 3-5 business days. Five days go by and no refund. This time I call Sears and get told, the store didn't approve my refund.

What?! cancels the order, takes my money and hasn't "approved" the refund. What's to approve? I went to my bank to dispute the charge because it's now Oct 1st and still hasn't refunded my money.

Do yourself a favor and just dispute the charges instead of letting Sears give you the run around and waste your time.

Now, Sears has resorted to stealing customers' money.I guess they have been called thieves long enough so they figured why not take the next step.

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