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Sears was running their early doorbuster specials, I ordered the 32 inch TV on sale for $97.00 I received my confirmation e-mail, and was told that I would receive an additional e-mail in 2 hours or less when the order was ready for pick up. I then received an e-mail saying that had cancelled my order because they are now out of stock.

This is the same TV that is in their Thanksgiving day ad. I cannot believe I got confirmation, and they are now pulling the rug out from under me.

I placed this order the minute it went on sale. False advertising at its BEST

Monetary Loss: $197.

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Same BAIT & SWITCH happened to me on a George Foreman grill. Tried to resolve it in good faith via email options given, but I think an attorney might have a nice class-action case here instead. Too bad that Sears can't make the right call in these matters.


Got majorly screwed over by Sears today also. Spoke with a couple of lawyers who previously worked in corporate law defending big companies like Sears and we may be able to file a class action against Sears for breach of contract/breach of duty of good faith (and possible other claims). However, please make sure that you guys are documenting EVERYTHING - I mean time, date, name of the person you spoke to, the length of time you talked to them/were on hold - seriously everything relevant to your complaint.

In my case, I purchased the 60' Sharp TV right when it went on sale for in store pick up at a Sears store roughly 1.5 hours away. I contacted them 4 hours after receiving my confirmation email to ask when I would be able to pick up my TV. I told her that I would need to leave work early so I would like to know if it would be available for pick up soon, and the sears customer service agent specifically told me that my order would be ready by the evening. I drive 1.5 hours to the store (in Muskogee, OK) and upon arriving and showing the sales associate my confirmation e-mail and a print out of my conversation with the sales agent, the associate proceeds to retrieve my 60' TV. He brings it out but has trouble processing the order through their computers. Store manager, a "Mr. Elmer", comes to "help" us - fast forward through the WORST customer service ever/condescending attitude/rude remarks - he decides that he does not want to honor the price. He does NOT have that authority - but he decides to cancel my order anyway (also without telling me - I received an e-mail saying my order was confirmed...what the ***??!).

More fast forwarding through 3 hours of lying customer service reps who barely speak English, the complaint department finally says that he was acted beyond his authority and should NOT have done anything to my order without my express consent. This can easily constitute bad faith dealing/breach of contract.

After researching a bit on how many consumer complaints there are about Sears, I seriously think we MAY garner enough attention/momentum to FORCE Sears' management to address and resolve our concerns.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not offering legal advice - this is purely my opinion. I am not licensed to practice in Illinois where Sears' HQ is located, nor Delaware (where they are incorporated.)


ughhh same thing happened to me!! Please dont buy from sears.....I was all excited because I thought I've gotten a $97 TV!!! got the confirmation email, said to wait for the pick up email, and this morning got the cancellation email...what the *** they should be allowed to this!!!!


Same thing happened to me as well here in MD. Got a confirmation email and was told it would be available to pickup in store in 9-12 days I believe.

I called my local store and they said they nor any other sears store in my area had ANY of those televisions in stock when that early access website went active and they still don't. I called customer support and they didn't speak english so I took it a step further and got the number for their executive offices version of customer support. It's located right here in the good old USA. The number is 1800-549-4504.

I spoke with a gentleman named Louie and his direct number is 1-888-266-4043 ext. 55. We all need to call in and make sears answer for this.

He offered to give me 15% off a different tv if I wanted it. This is a BAIT AND SWITCH!


They did this to me too. After putting my time in at a big box during holiday season I can say that this sort of thing shouldn't happen .

. .

and Sears needs to answer for it. I can almost guarantee yuu what happened is, the orders came in, and the store manager came in and saw the orders and said "just reposition the sku as out of stock so we can have more of them in store for thursday" and that's how we all got screwed.


My family ordered 3 televisions and all of them were cancelled. I emailed the company and want answers or will never shop there again


They did the same to me. I ordered the TV last night, got my confirmation email. Then they cancelled it today.


Limited stock, these are hit and miss. They have to sell some or else they could get in huge legal trouble.


honest 4 sure ...Hmm.. called the corporate office at sears and was told there were no 32 seiki tvs in stock ANYWHERE .

They never had them and they are looking at a lawsuit from several people as it is against the law to advertise a sale item and have none to sell. this has happened for the last 3 years on black friday pre sales.

This coming from the sears corp office .

Wow and I still got charged for the order and I am in the process of trying to get the charge reversed because sears claims I DID receive the item but according to the main office NO ONE GOT THE SALE TV .

Even my bank knows about this due to the high amount of people asking for a dispute over the same item . accounts have been debited and want a refund just ***

@crock o shat

So what can we do about this? Complain to the BBB; anything else?