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I ordered a Wii for Christmas through Sears online. I was given a confirmation letter stating that it would arrive on 12/23/11.

Needless to say, the day came and went with no delivery. I called Sears and was informed that they were using a third party vendor and that this vendor had cancelled my order. Neither vendor contacted me to let me know. The Sears representative told me that i would have to call the third party vendor for any further information.

I called the number and it was a recorded message that only provided what turned out to be an invalid email address. I emailed Sears about my dissatisfaction and received an email telling me that they already gave me the number for the third party. I ordered the product through Sears, so Sears is ultimately responsible for making the situation right. They should be responsible for contacting customers if there is a problem procuring the ordered item, instead of passing the buck to another company and asking the customer to make these phone calls.

I am appalled at the so-called customer service I have received thus far.

If you all want your order and decent service, my advice is to use another company. The days where Sears was a reputable, decent company appear to be gone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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No, you actually did not buy the product through Sears. You bought it through Sears marketplace.

Sears has other vendors on its website, and you have to look very carefully to see who the product is "sold by" under the description. If it does not say Sears or Kmart, then it is not through Sears. Therefore, Sears has no responsibility.

I do not agree with it, but that is the way the site is set up. It can be very confusing.