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On 4/11 I entered into a layaway contract with Sears to purchase a Samsung television at The Pacificview mall in Ventura, Ca.I arrived this A.M.for final payment & pickup to find the contract cancelled, the result of a $0.86 error made by a Sears employee on the previous payment.I had to return later in the day to meet with a manager, "Jerry" informed Me "nothing can be done sir, You can expect a check in about ten working days! Should I consider this a loan or theft on the part of Sears? To date I'm out $740.00 & have no television. If You require customer service with Your purchase, look elsewhere, You won't find it at Sears. I recently read an article on MSN about companies not expected to be arounrd in 10 years, Sears was on this list!

P.S. Samsung, it surprises Me You allow an organization like this to represent Your products.

thank you,

contract #011485259752

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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I think maybe if you sign a contract THAT YOU SHOULD READ IT! Your contract was probably cancelled and mailed a bank check because you were LATE on your payment.

WHICH is in your contract.

So maybe as a consumer you should be more aware of what you are signing instead of blamming others for your tardiness. You aren't out your money, they are sending it to you in the mail, if you weren't late on your payment, that wouldn't of happened.


Sorry to hear you lost out on a product cause someone doesn't know how to do math. But were you even offered another Samsung TV in respect to they didn't have the one you had on layaway?

If I were you I would have asked they sell you a similar model, or model discounted for the price you paid for the prior model. To save the sale and good customer service some stores will do that. If not well at least your getting your money back.

Honestly I don't think layaway is even worth it. Don't have the money to buy something, then don't buy it or place it on credit.

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