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I came into a little money and the way things going in the stock I thought I would help out my girl friend and pay off her sears credit card and you think it would raise her credit wrong it dropped her credit score 10 points if this is the way sears want to treat it's customers at a time we are going through now and christmas right around the corner this company just pushed one consumer away and I'm making it known I have lots of friends and I come from a very large family SEARS A BAD ASSET

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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I know of the constant phone calls and the $40.00 late fees. Used to be me however I learned my lesson.

I take the payment right to them, always on time, I pay $30.00 to them, they pay $15.00 onto my account. What a great deal.

They love thier customers. We love Sears too, in fact Sears will be gone soon.....bye bye Sears.


I got a Sear Credit Card in 6/2008, made a credit purchase, was making monthly payments of $100 with mininum payment being approximately $20 per month. Balance never seemed to go down and I could never get an explaination as to why.

In 10/2009 I maded another purchase after first balance was close to complication. Again making payments well in excess of the mininum balance. On 1/2010 payment was 9 days late getting to Sears, on the 9th day I began receiving deliquent calls with calls being 2 to 3 minutes apart from 9AM to 9:30PM, leaving no message just calling and calling. I did not recognize the phone number so I called the number after the 9:30PM call.

I was informed that the calls were for deliquence of 9 days, that I had been charged a $39 late fee, and that the min payment must always be paid even if payment is above the mininum. What a ludicrist way of doing business. I understant that individuals are experiencing financial difficulties however to insult and penalize all customers is a fundamental way to lose business. I will be paying off my balance ASAP and will never do business with Sears again.

I wish to extnd a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with Sears via credit to think twice about it.

It is not a proposition that I would recommend. :(


I know it might look like paying off the Sears CC made the score go down, and in a way may have, but not because of Sears. The credit score is an impossible number to predict.

I obviously do not know the whole story, but sounds like the account may have been closed, and therefore reducing the amount of credit your GF has, which is not always a good thing as revolving lines of credit are a necessity in having a high score; just need to have a good ratio of debt to income. If you didnt close the account and the account was not past due/in collection when it was paid off then the credit score dropping is most likely related to something else. Also, it takes a few months for equifax, transunion, etc...

to update the credit score, so depending on how quickly after you looked at the score after paying account off it may have not taken affect yet. A lot of tools available in Google

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #52083

Sears did not cause your score to go down, the credit agencies have a weird mathamatical way of making credit scores. It is possible for score to go down as she is no longer making monthly payments, to show credit worthiness

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