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I have been a sears customer and card holder for over 20 years. never once late with a payment.

my credit line $4500, my average monthly balance $600. i spend between $100 and $300 each month in that store. my regular payment i send is $200 each month. they without cause increased our percentage rate from 21.24% to (get this) 25.24%.

i canceled the card and i will NOT buy from that store in the future. people wonder why Wall Mart is so successful. i don't know who is running the show over there, but you better read the inserts with your bill. they can't make a profit with the merchandise, so they, like the government, just increase your percentage rate.

pissed consumer is not the word. shop somewhere else is the word.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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i too was hit with double intrest rates i owe 4500.00 on the card for appliances but have\nt charged anything in 15 months' but they raised my rates. when asked why because i always payed over min. and on time they replyed just because they could to help there profit


This happened to me too. I have been buying all of my appliances from Sears for the last 30 years, and have always paid my bill on time.

In June this year, CITI which holds the Sears card bumped my due date up over a week without informing me (because I paid off my balance they said) in an attempt to generate late fees. They supposedly waived the late fee but it is still on my statement. They raised my interest rate to 25% too, but lowered it back to 20 at my request. I need a refrigerator.

It will NOT come from Sears.

I have had enough of this abuse. As soon as I pay off my balance I am cancelling my Sear Credit card.


I am unsure why your interest rate would have increased but if you always pay the balance and have such a low month-to-month you like dont get hit with much interest at all.

Walmart is so successful due to the subjugation of third-world countries, next-to-slave labor, and other practices. While a rise in interest rate might not be fun, at least it's not as inhumane of a practice as Walmart's day-to-day business!

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