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I responded to an add for Sears to clean the carpets in my home. The ad was for 3 rooms and a free hallway for $99.00. I sent in my information via email. When I got a confirmation, the price had gone up $15 for service fee. OK, I was a little annoyed but I ignored it and waited the full window until the technicians showed up at the end of the window given to me. I worked all morning emptying rooms and getting ready. When the technicians got here to clean my carpets I was informed that for the price quoted I was only entitled to having my master bedroom cleaned. There was one spot I created last week in the master that was the cause of this appointment. I was told it required another $30.00 above the quoted price

I agreed to the additional $30.00 but told him I wanted the spot gone,that I was going to be picky. The Sears technician then informed me that in order to get the spot removed with a guarantee, I needed to buy "deep cleaning" to the tune of $240 just for the master only! I told him that I would stick to the lower price "basic" cleaning and felt certain the spot would be easy to remove. The technician was here for another 2 minutes. He came in briefly to inform me that his equipment was not long enough and that I had to reschedule. He slammed the door on his way out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cleaning Service.

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