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I had my carpets cleaned by Sears. Of course they talked me into an upgrade and my bill was almost 300.

They moved furniture out of rooms and did not put it back, they randomly put plastic protectors under my wood furniture, at least half of the furniture was sitting on a wet carpet.

They left my entire tile entryway all wet, it took three towels for me to clean up the water. The carpet cleaning was questionable, I do not think they did the pet enzyme or even cleaned my carpets correctly, I was in my office working. How did they do 6 rooms, stairs and hallway in 35 minutes and use the enzyme cleaner and then also use the upgraded service (not the wand)????

Then when I called their service manager, of course the technicians denied everything and he said that his lead technician was one of their best and basically said I was not telling the truth. I will never use their service again-EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cleaning Service.

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Did they always use truck mounted equipment or do they use a portable unit without the customer knowing. If you witnessed them using a portable machine and not a truck mount go to you State Attorney online complaint and file a complaint against them.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #937876

You should all take your complaint to the Attorney General of your state. Did they use a truck mount or did they use a portable cleaner on wheels. If they did not use a truck mount you absolutely need to go online and complain, no matter how long ago this happened.

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