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I have been working at sears for 3 months now but i plan to quit within the next week. The first time i worked st the register was a month after i was hired and i was immediately thrown into the tools department, and it was just 2 weeks until christmas so of course there were ALOT of customers. I wasnt taught anything by anyone, the female cashiers who were there on my first day helped me a bit but it was hard to communicate with so many customers and so few cashiers.

Within two weeks of me actually working at the register, at least 5 employees quit. Half of the customers hate sears and vocalize it daily.

Plus i've been working the tools department almost every time im here and i am put by myself. I dont get it, im still new, yet one of the managers tells me that there has to be a cashier in tools.... But why not put an experienced cashier from the womens or mens departments there??? It makes NO SENSE. I constantly have to call managers or other associates for help because a customer is unhappy. Its ridiculous.

All management cares about is getting credits from customers, but lots of people dont even shop at sears on a regular basis, they'd rather do syw and get points there to get taken off their purchases.

I feel really uncomfortable here, my coworkers are okay in the womans department but in tools they barely talk to me unless i need help. The guys just flirt with the girls and vice versa. I dont like how some of the associates like the lawn and garden ones get paid so much more money than cashiers when i see them just walking around and joking half the time. Its really disheartening and makes me not want to go to work anymore. Sears has a lot of work to do if they want to keep their customers, but i plan on quitting very soon.

Even 3 months into working here i still dont know much, i was even kicked off the register once by a manager because i didnt ask a woman who was returning something if she wanted to apply for credit. I was sent to help on the floor, but that really opened my eyes to how they care about credit only.

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Rocky Mount, Virginia, United States #1117900

I agree. I worked for sears for three and a half months and all management cares about is credit.

I would honestly just compare that store to a McDonalds job. My last day there was the longest ever. I will never refer anyone to them, that is looking for appliances.

Plus, Lowes is a better place to go by a long shot. There prices are low, they have free delivery and when you walk in, your not greeted by a commission hungry associate.

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