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Bought central air conditioning unit in '09. Two years in it developed a leak, sears replaced the part that sits in furnace.

Lasted two years and stopped working. Sears came in and without me being consulted put stop leak in the system and recharged it. I complained that this was not a repair. They wouldn't listen.

A year later it doesn't work. Guess why? Because they did not fix it right last time. Now I have to pay for labour but am trying to get them to honour their last repair by fixing it right this time.

Any reputable AC tech will tell you stop leak is not a repair, especially a warranty repair. When I phoned to complain the people were extremely arrogant , claiming that if it works now, they fixed it, they trust their repair people to do the best repair at the time, and there wasn't anything they could do about it now. It was even suggested that I was somehow responsible for the problems!

If you bought a new car and the radiator was leaking and the dealership said they fixed it with stop leak, you would not find this acceptable. Same thing.

Sears warranty service is a joke.

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