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I was told online Sears that the scooter was good for ages 13 and up. After I paid $269 dollars for the scooter and waited for the shipment, I found out in my state you have to be over 16 to use it. My son is 13 so

I returned it to the store and they put threw a credit on my Debt card, I ask for store credit because I still needed a present for my son. Was told no it had to go on to the debt card, well after 5 days 4-5 hours on the phone

I still have no credit on my card and no answer as to why being told different things for every one I talk to at your company, Now with only a few days to Christmas looks like my son goes with out, Thank you Sears, Oh yes and on the return slip it says they would process and release the money immediately, no money lost shipping cost even if I ever get my money back .

Every one I spoke with was deceitful and I will post on ever web site I can how you cheat people and lie . I have posted on several web sites all ready and I am looking to form a class action law suit against you. You have ruined my sons Christmas and I plan to make you pay for it so you will think twice before hurting others, With the letters to every news paper in my area. I hope this cost you thousands.

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So lying to customers is under the state law Are you really that *** to think it was about the time to get a refund it was about the employees being totaly miss informed and on the reciept is say that the money has all ready been released, I know you must work for sears


Sears shouldnt be at fault because you didnt know your state laws! It usually takes a couple days to have your money refunded through any store, your fault for waiting last min! Stop complaining!

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