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On black friday, store management limited the number of cash registers to be used by sales associates. Sales associates work at 6.00 plus commission.

So associates cannot get credit for the customers they help. Hundreds of dollars lost in commission and profits go up for Sears. Sears has no soul and no shame. Associates are told they cannot receive commission on sales unless that salesperson actually rings the customer out.

Even the LOSS and Prevention guys are told to watch the employees in case they use the "wrong" register. The Loss and Prevention people spend more time watching video of employees than the shoplifting that is going on.

These occurrences have been common practice at the Oxmoor SEARS in Louisville, KY for the last two years.

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Sears used to have an actual register process for a non commission employee to ring a sale for a commission employee. Many managers would ok another to ring a sale for the commission employee as long as they were on the sales floor.

But many managers hate to pay walk up sale commission even though the commission employee did the work anyway by talking to the customers, stocking, cleaning, signing and /or processing returns and exchanges. A high enough base pay would eliminate problems like this but Sears want to get by with the MINIMUM no matter the consequences.


I have to say


until you know what goes on in the store, don't write what you pretend to know!!! That *** is hilarious


I know manager here in san jose CA at oakridge mall the beard guy is ***. No employee skills or customer service skill.

He likes to hard ball the customer when they come in for price match. We should be moving product not losing loyal customers.

They need to train our guys how to sell. When we go under it is due to middle management

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