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Do not shop at this Sears store. We purchased an artificial Christmas tree and had it shipped to a vacation house in a remote location.

The package that was delivered from Sears had already been opened and the tree had an electrical short and would not light up. It also had a broken branch. We just returned from our vacation house and brought the tree back to Sears in Everett. Andrew and Sinesh, the store managers, would not accept a return for a clearly defective item.

The total was $49.99. Andrew told me it made no difference that we had purchased thousands of dollars in appliances from them for a remodel over the last year. Andrew refused to refund our money and told me the defective tree will be in lost and found.

They most likely box it up and sell it again to someone else. This store has the worst customer service I've experienced from any retailer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Christmas Tree.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You stated, "the tree had an electrical short and would not light up"; however, in both pics the lights are working. That does cause a bit of confusion on making your statement that the tree was working properly.


What is ridiculous is that you would lie to try to return the Christmas Tree after you were done with it. Did your parents not teach you any better?


Have you not been paying attention? Sears is about to go bankrupt.

When a store is about to go bankrupt, you stop buying from them. Do you know why that is?

I'll let you figure out the rest. Oh, wait, you already did.


That is not the case. The person is obviously lying about the Christmas tree being broken and damaged. They most likely used it for Christmas, damaged it themselves before taking the picture and are trying to return the tree once Christmas was over since they no longer need it.


You are clearly a troll. I hope you will seek mental help.


Nope; it was shorted out and broken when we received it. It was $50, not worth the hassle if we used it.


I am not a troll, if it were really damaged why return it AFTER Christmas You kids should learn exactly what it means to troll before calling people one. Your parents need to whoop you and take away your Christmas gifts for being immature and scamming and lying. Telling a person they are wrong is not trolling retard.


It was an already opened box shipped as new by Sears to a remote vacation house. We didn't open it until after Christmas.

It's ridiculous that this Sears store would not accept a return of a clearly defective item.

It's still there for 30 days in lost and found if you want it. :)