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The Sears store did not have my size in stock for a pair of shoes on sale. The sales clerk said she could order the shoes online for me at - no shipping charge.

She did so from a terminal withing the store. When the shoes did not arrive I contacted Sears and waited 10 days for them to track the purchase. The tracking number showed the shoes had been delivered, but of course I had not received them. There was no proof of receipt.

I asked for a refund or a credit. The representative said she could not do that. The best she could do was reimburse the shipping ($5) and give me an additional $5 off another purchase. That didn't seem reasonable to me, as I was out $50 for the shoes.

That I was a regular Sears customer with a Sears credit card did not make any difference.


- I also questioned the refund of the $5 for shipping. The clerk had told me that if I ordered online from within the store using her login that I would not have to pay shipping.

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