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Update by user Feb 13, 2013

And the saga continues. I have now emailed Low Price Traders 3 times regarding the returned tablet and have advised them I will be in contact with an attorney.

No response of course. At this point they have had my money and the tablet.. I think this might constitute a felony. Sears in the meanwhile has sent me a return postage sticker from Low Price Traders.

Seems they don't communicate. I finally got a one line response from Low Price Traders "we refunded your money" It is still not in my account. A notice from Pay Pal advised me they did not issue me a refund for the total amount including the shipping costs as they agreed to in their email to me. Why am I not surprised.

2 more emails sent one to Low Price Traders and one to Sears .. how hard is it to do the right thing and fully refund what you said you would. More than likely I will have to let this one go and learn a lesson.... Never NEVER shop with Sears again!!!!!

I am making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and to the Attorney Generals Office on both businesses. I see Sears social media has contacted me.

I will see if Edwin can get the rest of my refund... fat chance.

Update by user Feb 10, 2013

Well leave it up to Sears to slide in after the fact.

I got an email on the 9th from them providing me with a return receipt for the tablet. I of course got tired of the run around from them and sent the tablet back to Low Price Traders on 2/6/12. So I emailed them this info. Today I got another canned response....

(((Thank you for contacting sears.com regarding your order, I am sorry to hear that you have not received any information about the item that you have returned.

Since you have not received a satisfactory response to your concern, I'd be happy to initiate a discussion via email with this merchant on your behalf please allow 5 business days for us to provide you with a resolution))) Holy S**t! Amazing.

I have also contacted Low Price Traders. They recieved the defective tablet on 2/7/13 and have yet to refund my purchase price plus shipping & handling. even after providing them with the shipping number..... Word to the wise stay away from both companies.

Original review posted by user Feb 09, 2013

I ordered a tablet from Sears.com on 1/23/13 through a partner on their website Low Price Traders. The tablet arrived on 1/26/13 and was defective. It would not turn on.

I attempted to contacted Low Price Traders via phone only to find out no one answers the phone and the mail box was full. I emailed them; they offered a solution that did not work. I emailed back requesting a return ship label and a full refund. I received no answer.

I next contacted Sears.com via email. I was sent an email back on 1/27/13 providing me with a link to Low Price Traders and an apology (big whoop).

I contacted Sears.com via email again on 1/27/13 for assistance, I wanted them to get involved and assist me in getting my money back in full. Customer Service Rep Douglas (kmedhe) said he would initiate contact with Low Price Traders and have some type of resolution in 5 days. Needless to say 5 days came and went and nothing happened. I tried to contact Low Price Traders again and they wanted me to send the table to them at my cost(mind you I already paid shipping to get the defective thing to me plus the cost of the tablet and now more money???) they stated they would check it out and see if it was defective. No mention of retuning my money or when they would get around to looking at the tablet!

On 2/1/13 I emailed again demanding some kind of response to my dilemma from Sears.com. Customer Service Rep Jenna N (Jjairo) replied and said she would initiate contact with Low Price Traders and have some type of resolution in days. Same canned response as before. Unreal! What poor customer service.

A day later I received a response from Customer Service Rep Anderson asking if my dilemma had been resolved and if it hadn’t to call 800-283-6940. I email back that I HAD NOT had my issues resolved and I needed to get my money back from what I considered scam artists. No reply. I called the 800 number and had to tell my story to 3 people only to hear..LET US HAVE 5 BUSINSEE DAYS TO RESOLVE THIS!

I have filled out every survey the company has sent me! All negative….

I contacted Low Price Traders and have returned the tablet on 2/5/13; I have still not had the money credited to my bank account. And Sears.com has still not initiated contact to see if my issue has been resolved.

As far as I am concerned Sears.com is the poorest excuse for online shopping I have ever dealt with. They are inept, unorganized and worthless customer service agents. I tried to email the CEO of the company, and my email came back undeliverable.... Of Course!!!.... I just now got an email from Sears saying sorry we can't help you.. here is a copy of Low Price Traders return policy!!!! Unreal!!! I will never shop there again. I am posting this on My Facebook Page .. I Urge everyone else to do the same and lets get the word out through the biggest social media out there.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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You bought a marketplace item. Sears.com has many other websites selling items on the sears page.

Sears can't accept returns from another vendor.

It's like you want to return something from Walgreens to CVS or something from Home Depot to Sears. If you want to buy something from sears directly when you go online it gives you the option for sears only, otherwise you'll be taking risks with other companies.

Sears Response

Dear ljwhitney,

My name is Edwin and I work with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We apologize for the inconveniences encountered with your online order and how it’s been handled. We’d like to assist. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (ljwhitney), phone # used at time of purchase to SMAdvisor@searshc.com.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


One of the reasons that Sears will be out of business and bankrupt before the end of the year. Sears today is not like Sears used to be. The only thing I buy from Sears is their Craftsman tools and only at a Sears Hardware Store, never online.

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