Jacksonville, Florida
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I purchased a lawn tractor through sears.com. Picked it up at a sears contract store . The contract store manager told me. You are on your own with sears . com we are not connected with them..

The next day I found the tractor was not as the catalogue indicated and it was dented . I Tried to get a refund. Store said I must call sears. com it was out of there hands.

I was told via email to take the tractor back for a refund.

Sears contract store said they will only give me a refund with a 15% restocking fee. I declined for the simple reason,

Why did they not give me a full refund the next day after I had picked the tractor up. Sears . com refuse's to talk with me now saying you are on your own with the local store.

Being a Disabled Veteran I have been taken advantage of By Sears in general.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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I think you are probably dealing with a dealer store which a psuedo franchise.

Sears itself does charge a restocking fee on anything used or on damaged or missing packing.I 'm not saying it's justified but it is policy.

Everybody is going to pass the buck because they are made to think it is their problem.In the end though you are dealing with SEARS.

An even exchange on the other hand should have no fees.