I placed an order at Sears.com which was supposed to be delivered in 4 - 6 days. After 8 days I contacted Customer Service only to be informed that my order had been cancelled as the item was not in stock and I would receive a refund in 5 -7 days. After waiting another 9 days I again contacted Customer Service only to be informed that the order had only been cancelled the day before and I would have to wait 7 - 10 more days for a refund.

I have severeal questions.

1. Why did Sears deduct the money from my account when the product was not in stock ? I have since reordered the gift, from another company of course, which I received within 6 days and the money was not deducted until the day the package was shipped.

2. Why should Sears keep my money for between 24 - 27 days ?

3. Was it the first Customer Service rep who lied to me about processing the refund that day or the second Rep when they realised that they had not done their job properly ?

Fortunately I am in a postion were I could repurchase the gift ( no thanks to Sears ) but this situation could have caused great hardship and mental stress to someone in a less fortunate position.

At this time of the year there is enough stress without the frustration that Sears has caused me and I am Absolutely Disgusted with Sears and will never purchase from them again and urge other to do the same.

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When they make an error on a sales price (offering something for much less than they intended) this is how they get out of fullfilling it. Also, holding onto someones money even one day more than needed adds up fast on their company value sheets.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #221204

I had the same exact problem, I was never contacted to let me know I wasnt getting the order, rather I had to repeatedly call them. BUYERS BEWARE, SEARS NOT WHAT THEY USED TO BE!

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