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Ordered online at Received pick up confirmation. Drove 40 miles to store. No product. They never had it. Store could not refund money due to Sear's LOUSY retail computer system. They even worked with to do so. I later called They couldn't get anyone at the store to answer the phone. They eventually did after about an hour but all the managers had gone home. No one at the store could help the CSR at, so, no refund. I was told to call another Sears number during the week. Seems this is an ongoing issue with not being able to refund money for a failed, yet, "confirmed", customer pick up.

I called my credit card company. They couldn't get anyone from Sears on the phone to confirm the issue, so the credit card company didn't help. That's another issue and a canceled credit card. If I have to do all the work to get them to do their job I don't want their credit card.

I will NEVER order from again. Their pickup "confirmation" is useless. Their refund ability is impossible even for Sear's employees. Seems the ONLY way to get my money back is to sue Sears in small claims court, which I will do this week. I work two blocks from the county courthouse.

This country is going downhill as one person after another is incompetent. Why do we customers have to work so hard to get someone to take our money or to refund it when the company fails to deliver? - No more, no way.

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Contact your local department of consumer affairs and file a complaint. Sears refused to refund the money of my family and after we contacted the department of consumer affairs, sears refunded money in two weeks. This is after trying to get a refund for 3 months!