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I Tried to return some clothes bought at Sears.com to local Sears store. It took about 45 minutes and five people and they still couldn't figure out how to complete the return.

In the end, they could not put refund back on my credit card- I was fored to take a Sears gift card.

When I called corporate customer relations, the woman on the other end said "Yeah, that has happened to me, too." Her manager said "well there is a problem if you are returning something that store doesn't carry.

I asked her "Shouldn't Sears fix that problem?" She got hostile.

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Well first off... they aren't really supposed to return items bought online in the store because they may not have it in store.

Second, be happy that they did spend 45 minutes on ONE customer. If it were me, i would have told you that we could not take the return and that was that.

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