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Sears.com. I have had nothing but trouble with an order that I placed online to be picked up at the store.

When I placed the order I was advised that I would receive an e-mail notifying me when I could go pick up my purchase. I received the e-mail. I drove to the store. I went to the customer pick up area. I presented the e-mail, as instructed. I was told they did not have the items I ordered in stock - even though I had an e-mail confirmation.

I then went to the department in the store to speak with a "manager". I was told that even though I had the e-mail, the items were only "on order" and were not yet delivered to the store. I asked when they would be available and was told that they could not tell me for sure, but that I could call and they would let me know.

The issue is not so much that they don't have what I ordered, but that they CONFIRMED that they DID have what I ordered and charged my credit card.

I spent a total of 2 hours on the phone today trying to get someone to answer the phone and find out if the items were available.

NO ONE in the store answered their phone.

NO ONE at customer service (are you kidding me?) could help.

NO ONE at the Sears.com customer service could answer the question as to why I was sent a confirming e-mail when the items are clearly not at the store.

The customer service people DID say that this is NOT UNCOMMON!!!!!

How do they get away with doing business this way? If my company handled our customer service this way we would not have any customers left.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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If you see one of the items in the store you still have to go to package pick-up to get it.

Sometimes it's easier to cancel the entire order and get it in the store at a register.


I'd try the local BBB,save that e-mail.

When you order on-line the order is pulled from the store stock when ever possible.The store can give you a date if you had ordered from a register.

Sometimes with multiple items,some in stock and others not can cause problems.You should have an expected by date if it was actually ordered.

Alot of calls to a store now a days are forwarded to a call center so now you are in line with the rest of the country.

I'd also call your credit card company to see if was actually charged.And if these are small carry items I'd walk into that department and see if they are on the shelf.

One last thing,alot of times the store tells there employees to close the order no matter what to increase their number of "completed " orders.

Good Luck