I purchased a Frigidaire 19.53 cu ft Commercial Refrigerator directly through sears.com on May 28th with an expected delivery date of June 9th. Come the 9th I receive no refrigerator delivery or phone call to reschedule.

I call Sears home delivery on the 11th and they inform me that it will be delivered on the 12th between 10am and 12pm. At 11am on the 12th a man contracted by sears for installation shows up but no refrigerator. I contact sears and they inform me that the refrigerator is at the dock waiting for a work order for the delivery. I'm told that some new procedures were put in place that were not done by customer service for my order and that is why my refrigerator was not being delivered.

I find out this internal error on their part after calling 4 different 800 numbers that sears customer service reps had kept redirecting me to. Not only were the customer service reps rude and short with me, they did not seem to know very much about anything besides setting a date for delivery. A total of 3 delivery dates were scheduled and broken without explanation. Finally almost 2 weeks from the original delivery date (3 weeks since I placed my order) I receive my refrigerator.

I loaded the refrigerator the same day with some beverages, not even filling the refrigerator to half its capasity the shelving callapses(keep in mind its a commercial refrigerator meant to hold more than 2 cases of pop on each shelf). Glass bottles, beer and cans of pop were broken and spilled not only within the refrigerator but pushed the door open and spilled onto the kitchen floor. I figured out the brackets that hold the shelves up where installed improperly by Sears and were at an angle causing the shelves to not hold the weight they were meant to. Again I attempt to call sears and have this situation rectified and found myself to be instructed to call a different 800 number for sears' many departments.

Customer service told me to call sears.com, sears.com told me to call exchange dept, exchange dept told me to call warranty dept, warranty dept told me to call sears.com. It was a never ending cycle of miscommuncation on Sears' part within their departments and countless useless 800 numbers. Finally after reaching a supervisor I was told an exchange would be made in 7 days and they offered me a $50 sears gift card to make up for the damages and lost alcohol and beverages in the improperly installed refrigerator. Like I ever want to purchase ANYTHING from that run down, practically a thrift shop store again.

The refrigerator was only $100 less than ABT electronics, but if I would have known then what I have experienced with Sears I would have paid $1,000 more to avoid Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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