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I purchased a 3 piece large bedroom vanity set on Nov. 7, 2012 online at

Paid in full, received the order confirmation and ready for pick-up email. The item was located at a furniture store more than an hour away, I had no idea. I wasn't able to pick up item right away especially since this store is only open on weekdays until 5 p.m. and closed on weekends, is that odd for a furniture store?

Anyways...I was in contact with the store letting them know of my status that my husband has 2 trucks but they are at work all day and I could not pick up furniture until he could get the day off to do so. We also have a special needs toddler adopted and it is not easy to just get up and go. I try calling them but most of the time, they do NOT answer the phone either. I guess they do business by means of their web page.

So...I finally go today to pick up my merchandise...driving a big lifted diesel truck with both grand kids. I could not reach them by phone until finally....when I was just about 15 minutes from store and the man on the phone told me that they sold my furniture to a customer that needed it for a Christmas gift. I asked them how they could sell the furniture that I already owned, and paid for? He told me that he would need to order more and it would take a week or two.

All I got was an "I'm sorry." I am so mad that I came home and called Sears..then went online and talked to a live agent. Sears assumes NO responsibility whatsoever....although they took my money and now my furniture. This is fraud and definately illegal. I want answers...but it seems no one is available to give me an explanation.

I am sooooo very mad. I have always trusted Sears...all of my appliances have always been bought at Sears and with good service. Is Sears changing to hiring rude people that are not educated in customer service?

I have read the "Fulfillment By Sears" agreement and it states that sears does assume responsibility for the items sold....I want to talk to a CEO or someone that can actually help me in this matter before I have to file suit. I am seriously mad as ***!!!

Monetary Loss: $516.

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