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Update by user Nov 18, 2011

Sears finally refunded my money, but claims it was because I refused delivery of my item.

- They never acknowledged the promised delivery date of November 2nd.

- They never offered to \"make it right\" and work with me

- They followed a predefined script and would not deviate is a high risk company to do business with. If anything abnormal occurs, they seem to notapply human thought or logic. They will:

- Respond with \"We\'re so sorry you are ... \"

- They will keep telling you over and over the incorrect information

- No matter what you do, they won\'t consider the possibility that they goofed up.

I have my money back, but only after 16 days of calling and emailing them sometimes more than once in a single day.


1) Never expose inner workings of your company to the customer. The fact you farm out things to a \"third party\" and that items are \"on the way to the warehouse\" are internal things that have no bearing on the customer.

2) If the customer isn\'t happy and is asking for a refund and doesn\'t even have the item, listen and refund their money.

Sears is a sack of FAIL.

Original review posted by user Nov 14, 2011

Recently up here in the New Hampshire area, we had unprecedented snowfall early in the year, which caused many trees to bend and collapse, knocking down power for much of the state for over a week.

My family and I were sleeping in 30 degree weather indoors, and the kids were sick. We were in an emergency situation and needed a generator quickly to fire up our furnace and heat our house.

I called my parents in New Orleans, who recommended Sears. My dad grew up on Sears products and so did my grandfather over many decades. So naturally they would make this recommendation.

He placed an order on my behalf for a Stanley 8KW generator on, and at the same time chatted with a representative and made it clear-- This was an emergency order and was time sensitive. Unless they could guarantee delivery in 2 days we did not want the item. They made that promise, and the order was placed. We were told November 2 we would get the item.

2 days and nights in this weather would be pretty bad, but at least we had a date where we would be able to return to some level of normalcy in our household. Crying kids for 2 days sure beets crying kinds for a week or more.

November 2 came and I still had no delivery confirmation call. I called my father and he informed me that the website now said the delivery was November 7th. In fact, all indications were that this was the supposedly promised date, which was not the case when we were chatting in real-time with the representative while ordering!

I immediately called the 1-800 number listed on the site. A rep told me the order had not yet gone out. I asked them if I could cancel, and they said I could... stating that I caught it before it shipped, and I would be getting a refund in a few days.

I went to Home Depot 4 hours away in a neighboring state and picked up a much needed generator. We'd have heat... finally!

The next day I received an email stating the order has shipped (Mind you I was in a YMCA/Shelter on wifi, so don't think I was out of the mess :) I was very confused. I called back, and was told there was nothing they could do. I was informed at this time, for the very first time, about "3rd parties" and that my order was fulfilled by some other company. I would have to take it up with them and ship it back myself.

This makes no sense. Sears points the finger at some internal thing they do farming out the fulfillment to some other company. Seems to me that this is a "them" problem, yet they try to push it on to me. No matter... carrying on here...

Repeated calls yield the same responses "We're so sorry you're having trouble" and other canned responses along these lines. Yet no help was ever forthcoming. Clearly the answer here was to refund the customer, yet they wouldn't.

I checked with state law. At this point, they were required to issue a refund, yet they didn't. So they're breaking the law on top of just having bad customer service.

Eventually I did get a hold of a "supervisor", who informed me that the only way out of this was to refuse delivery of the order when it came. I replied that I would do this, however it made little sense. This would continue to tie up my money and cost Sears an unnecessary shipping charge.

I entirely expected delivery on November 7th, the new date. It never arrived. So at least at this point I could say for sure that Sears was in violation of the law and failed to fulfill the contract for purchase/delivery.

To this day (It's now November 14) Sears refuses to refund my money. At this point the generator is lost in limbo, somewhere between their warehouse and the delivery company. They say they will only be able to refund my money once it gets back to them.

My response? Even if the unit winds up back at their warehouse destroyed, it isn't my problem. They need to refund my money anyway. I was never in possession of the generator and yet they continue to make their mistake my problem. Why are they penalizing me for their problems?

It is clear to me that this is a botched transaction from November 2 onward. The right (and legally correct) response is to refund my money. Yet they still have a charge on my card for this thing.

With all the things I had to charge on the Visa, and with my bill now due, Sears has put me in a financially challenging situation. I'm now penalized financially for their mistakes.

BE WARNED: Sears is tearing down the brand that took generations to build in a few short years. They have no customer service. If you call, you will get "oh, we're sorry you are feeling this way" and other empty statements that seem designed to defuse the situation. Yet no resolution is provided.

I've spent probably $20k with them over the last few years. No more. They've lost me for good this time.

I suppose that it isn't always to your detriment though when they goof up. Once I ordered a "Lawn and garden tractor", which was severely late in delivery. They wound up delivering two of them. I was nice and tried to return one. That process took weeks of calls. Maybe I should have kept both.

Sears-- Don't answer this post with a "We're sorry... blah blah.. contact us and we'll give you a hug". REFUND THE MONEY YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM ME IMMEDIATELY!

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Ordered a washing machine and dryer promised a delivery on Monday never showed . Wife and I called several times really hard to talk with a manager took two days.

Never once did they really show any remorse. I have never experienced such poor service in my life .

cancelled the order now told that the store can not do the refund it has to be the warehouse.Right now $2100 of my money being held hostage . Don't buy from them for a couple a dollars buy from someplace that cares

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