Atascadero, California
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Ordered 10 x 12 metal shed online 12/12/11. My account was charged the same day as order.

Received confirmation email from Sears. Order due in store 1/10/12 - 1/12/12. Called Customer Service January 9th, 2012 to confirm delivery. They could not find tracking number but verified scheduled delivery same as above but they would check for tracking # and email me more information within 24-48 hrs.

Never received email. Called customer service 1/12/12 (last date order to arrive in store) and was told the order was cancelled by Sears because it was out of stock. I asked for my refund and was told it would take 3-5 days. I said I wanted my money now.

After being transferred to a manager (?) was told that the store I selected on their website to have shed shipped to was closed and it would take 7-10 days for my refund as things would "have to be handled behind the scenes", (whatever that meant) and that the 7-10 days was not a guarantee!!!! So, Sears has had my $458.48 for one month, and, on 1/10/12, I installed the flooring necessary for the shed ($250.00 in lumber and materials).

Now I am out of pocket $708.48 and have no shed. According to the Customer Service Manager, my money is sitting "in the closed Sears store I chose for delivery".....This is the mosts bizarre shopping experience I have ever had..this was my first and last order....

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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My refund has been charged back to my account as of 1/18/12