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I will never, ever buy anything from Sears again. I received an email yesterday morning stating that Sears was offering many Black Friday prices. I went online, saw what I wanted for my husband, and purchased it, using my paypal account. I received an email confirmation from Sears minutes later.

I pack up my 1 year old and my 11 year old and decide to run to the mall to get most of my holiday shopping done. (Keep in mind, I am a nurse and between working extremely long hours and having a small baby at home, I hardly EVER can make time to go to the mall...) I went to make my first purchase, and my debit card was declined(the same debit card linked to my paypal account that I just used earlier). I tell the saleslady that I have more than enough, and I grab my cell to check my bank account. Sales lady was right, I have $4.64 in my account! (I had over $500.00 as of that morning). Upon closer inspection to my bank account, I had multiple transactions from Sears. The purchase I made that morning was there, but also several other unfamiliar amounts that totally wiped out my bank account.

First, I call Pay Pal. Pay Pal only has record of the correct transaction amount, They have no other scattered amounts of any kind. Then I call Sears. What a nightmare. The phone number I found online for Sears connected me to some fraudulent number telling me that I won a cruise. Keep in mind that by now an hour has passed since I found out about my stolen money, and my 1 year old is beginning to whine and both kids and my mother in law who is with me, are all hungry. I finally somehow get the "real" sears phone number and I can hardly understand the thick Indian accent on the other line. I dont even know if I am talking to the real Sears or if its a scam phone number. I gave them my order number for the correct order, and they confirm with me that it is processing and it is the only order they have on record. They have no other charges anywhere, they even checked my email and there is nothing. ODD... They advise me to call the fraud department, and instead of transferring me, they give me a number to call. When I call it, its the same number I called earlier about the free cruise! WTF!

Then I call my bank. They see all the purchases. They cannot help me unless I file a fraudulent claim which takes 10 days to process. That doesnt help me have any cash available right now. (Keep in mind that the Sears gift was for my husband, so I dont want to tell him what happened to ruin the surprise.) The bank can't do anything else. So, I'm at the mall and I decide to head to Sears and see if I can speak to anyone there.

I go to Sears in the King of Prussia Mall, with a screaming baby and my other family members. The sight reminds me of why I never shop here. The entire store has employees that are all teenagers, talking with attitudes and foul language. Every cash register has an employee texting. There is no greeting, no looks, nothing. I go up to one register, and after they are done texting, they look up and direct me to go downstairs to customer service. When I get downstairs, there is no customer service. There is a pick up center and some restrooms and an eye center. I ask another texting employee who pages a manager. After 10 minutes, a lady comes to me and I explain my situation. She takes me over to the computer so I can show her my order on However, she doesnt even know how to use the computer!!!! She calls over an employee and the employee has no idea how to access Sears.COM EITHER. AM I at the funny farm or WHAT????????????????

They finally have a young gentleman manager come over and I explain my situation. I show him my bank statement, my paypal account, and my Sears order. He immediately has an idea as to what happened, but wants to be sure first. I will say that this employee WAS amazing. He stayed with me for over an hour, he called, was transferred many times, and figured out the situation. He even talked to my kids and tried to make a terrible situation the best that he could. However, the bottom line is, for whatever reason, SEARS put an authorization hold on my debit card. The SEARS customer service staff "believe" that the hold will come off in 24-48 hours and that I'll have access to my money. However, this was a Saturday, and I am out that extra cash all weekend, and who knows when I will get another chance to go out shopping. Plus, the holiday season will be getting busier and busier, which is why I wanted to get my shopping done NOW.

There is absolutely no excuse for the 3 hours I wasted at the mall, on the phone, and in SEARS. I got no shopping done. I had an unhappy baby. My daughter didnt get the winter coat she needed. My mother in law was very upset that this happened to me. I dont need SEARS to come back and say we are so sorry for your experience. That will never fix the problem and the time that I lost. It wont even make me feel better, in fact it will annoy me. I will never shop here again. My mother in law will never shop here again. I will post my experience on social media just so no one has to go through what I just did. Thanks SEARS, this is why you have no business!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Using foreign people to answer the phones is not helping. Sears uses them because they will work for less money.

They don't care about you, tour family, or your Christmas shopping. They are 2.8 billion dollars in debt and do whatever they have to in order to stay in business including stealing, lying and using customers. Check out review number 22 about employees's and how they are treated and not trained. Usually Pay Pal can get things fixed but if they can't then I would call the BBB and the attorney general in your state.

I think it is a travesty that they would do that to a young family right before Christmas. Good luck!

Sears Response

Hi Rinak,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s clear that we have some missed opportunities with our customer service and we have some areas for improvement. We strive to provide superior member services at every opportunity and it seems we have let you down. We would like to speak with you about this situation to help in any way possible. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Rinak), phone # used at time of purchase to and we will be reaching out to help. We look forward to assisting you soon!

Thank you,

Misty H.

Social Media Moderator

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You think your situation is bad.I have a story to tell everyone about "Sears" That really caused me to close my Sears Account and Cut up my Sears Credit Card.I had been a customer with Sears for about 10 Years.Never used my Sears Credit Card because i never liked their clothing for adults period.I always felt Sears was about making money regardless of how they got the money.When i did decide to use my account for some baby items right.When i recieved my bill Sears had added (4) Different disibility charges that i did not ask for or Signed any type of paperwork for.When i telephoned Sears about the charges the csr was very Rude and When i asked to speak to a supervisor the csr hung the telephone in my face.Well my dear the Rudeness is on your head and This is when i decided not to ever use Sears ever in life.I paid the bill all but the (4)Disibility charges and Cut up the Sears Card to never use Sears again.Even now i receive mail from Sears trying to get me to get another Sears Card these people are sick and Sears stop sending me mail because i will never use your business ever again.