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I'd decided I needed to be more healthy and start exercising, and I had no interest in joining and going to a gym. I was searching online to find a piece of exercise equipment, and I noticed Sears had some good deals on such items.

They weren't even that much more than the used items advertised online. So I decided to order an elliptical. I was pumped. I couldn't wait to get it and start working out and losing a few pounds.

This was on October 9th. Fast forward to now, and I'm out of $200, I have no elliptical, and I'm so stressed over the situation that I'm even more inclined to stress-eat and continue gaining some extra pounds. So you might ask, what the *** happened? Well after a week or so had gone by and the elliptical still hadn't arrived, I did some investigating.

I realized the item was shipped to the wrong address. How did that happen? I don't know. Here's what I do know - I typed in my correct address and checked the box for this address to be used as BOTH my shipping and billing address.

Now there is no dispute that I typed this address because Sears has it on file. However, they also have a 2nd incorrect address on file which they claim I specified. I can tell you right now I never typed this address in the fields. They got it from somewhere and I don't know where but I KNOW I did NOT type that address at any time while placing that order and since I have NEVER placed an order online with Sears there should have been no reason they would even have another address on file for me, right?

No matter how many times I explain this, it doesn't seem to matter. I have been told to contact UPS and I have been told to go retrieve the item myself from the incorrect location it was shipped to(both of which are not acceptable resolutions to me). The incorrect address happens to not be too terribly far away, so in interest of obtaining the item I paid for, I did attempt to retrieve it but it was nowhere to be found. Hmm.

UPS specifies it was left at "other" in their notes. I'm sure that's a great sign. When I refuse to contact UPS myself, Sears finally does(or so they say). I'm told that an investigation will be opened and I'll receive an email in 7-10 days.

So a few days goes by and I receive an email saying: In regard to your order number 572114663, we received your request regarding this order. As per our record, we see that item was shipped via UPS tracking number 1ZA08V470342891078 and was delivered to the shipping address that you have provided while placing the order. We advise you to pick up the item from the delivered address. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause.

Please feel free to contact us for any further queries." Mind you, I already knew it was delivered to the wrong address! This had already been established! So clearly this email was super helpful. Enraged, I called Sears AGAIN.

AGAIN, I was told, you'll get an email from us in 7-10 days. Do you notice a pattern developing here? The next email was even better. They even called me by the wrong name!

And the body of the email said this: "Thank you for contacting sears.com regarding your order number 572114663. Please accept our apologies for not receiving the item. I understand that you would like to receive a refund or the item to be shipped to your current address. Let me see what best I can d to resolve this issue.

It is possible that there may have been a delay with your shipment. Just to make sure, we have requested an investigation be opened with UPS in an attempt to locate the item, that has not arrived. As this process can take around 8 business days, we will contact you by email once we have received a response. If the package cannot be located and delivered to you, we will promptly issue a credit to your account.

Your business is important to us and we encourage you to place a new order. If you place a new order, please reply to this e-mail with your new order confirmation number and we will gladly process a credit of 10% on the merchandise price sold by Sears or Kmart." There may have been a delay with the shipment??? Are you freaking kidding me??? We already determined an email and 2 phone calls ago that the shipment was delivered!!!

And I love the advertisement on every email and phone call to buy more from Sears. Seriously, that's classic. So now here we are, 3 weeks after I'd ordered this item, and I have no item, no money, and a bunch of stress. I call Sears AGAIN.

Yet again, I get to speak with some folks that must have record low IQs. Every single time I call, I have to tell them the order number, and let me tell you, God forbid you do not have that number written down or memorized because the *** cannot look you up in the system otherwise. So obviously there are MULTIPLE flaws in the Sears system. Now my first two attempts on the phone with Sears were brief in comparison to this one, but did not yield any results.

This time, I spent an HOUR on the phone, mostly on hold. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. Mind you, I'm wasting limited cell phone minutes and my lunch hour. And then .

. . I GET DISCONNECTED! You might say it was an accident, but I tend to think there are no coincidences.

I thought to myself, I guess when you ask to speak to a supervisor, that's what happens. So finally my work day is over, and I get a chance to call Sears AGAIN. The girl I talk to assures me she can process a refund. I'm relieved .

. . FINALLY. At the same time, I think to myself is it too good to be true?

Is this madness actually over? Surely enough, I come to find that no refund was ever initiated. Mind you, I discover this a week later, when I have to call them AGAIN to ask why I see no refund reflected on my card. Now the gentleman I speak to this time is a real treat.

He insists I need to tell him the whole story all over AGAIN so that he can inject his opinion of the situation and tell me he's "just trying to be realistic." He's inferring that he doesn't think I should/will be getting a refund, and telling me he sees no evidence that a refund was ever initiated. He tells me it looks like the initial investigation/trace with UPS was never followed through(big surprise there because Sears is so efficient) and he tells me he will get that restarted and I'll get an email in 7-10 days. I explain to him that there are two acceptable responses right now and those are for him to tell me I will be receiving a refund OR I will be getting the product shipped to my correct address. He refuses to respond with one of those solutions.

I tell him I want to speak with his supervisor. He has the nerve to tell me that's fine, but his supervisor will just tell me the same thing. I tell him that is just fine and that I WANT TO SPEAK WITH HIS SUPERVISOR. Now as my lunch break is nearing an end, I finally get to speak with someone in a different role.

I believe he said he was a community support specialist or some such thing. I should have written it down along with his name. He actually sounds like he might know a little of what he's talking about. He ASSURES me that I will be getting a refund AND that I will get a confirmation email detailing this in 24-48 hours.

Skeptical of this actually happening, I ask him, what if I don't get that email? He says I would say you should definitely have an email by this time tomorrow and if you don't, I would definitely call back. Well guess what? That was Monday and today is Thursday, and I have NO EMAIL.

And yes, I checked my junk folder. I called AGAIN yesterday and spoke with what was probably the worst "customer service agent" yet. She called me the wrong name twice! At this point, I was wasting ANOTHER lunch break and more cell phone minutes and I was so defeated that I didn't even have the energy to argue with her when she told me that she did see that the refund was being processed.

I asked her, if that is so then why do I have no email indicating this? She could not give me an answer, but just said keep an eye out for the email. So here we are, well over 48 hours later and I have no email and according to the bank no refund has even been listed as "pending" on my card. It is almost 5 weeks after the order was placed, I've spoken with 6 "customer service agents" on the phone, I've emailed with 2 "customer service agents" and I've even "chatted" with multiple "customer service agents" online from India with names such as "Nobles." Yeah because that's your real name.

Let me just say that I spend quite a bit of time online, and I do a massive amount of shopping online. That said, this is the worst shopping experience I have EVER had. This isn't even just the worst ONLINE shopping experience I've ever had, this is the worst SHOPPING experience I've ever had. The customer service I have received is by far the WORST.

The fact that my purchase was an online purchase definitely compounded/sourced a lot of the frustration and this experience has made an AVID online shopper even reconsider online shopping. What's worse is that this is the FIRST time I have ever ordered anything from Sears online. Given that, you would think Sears would be a little more inclined to make sure it was a pleasant experience so they could guarantee a return shopper. Much to my disappointment, this was/is not the case.

I keep thinking, if only someone had warned me.

If someone had mentioned what a horrible experience they'd had and if I'd had an idea that this experience would be even a fraction as frustrating as it has been, I never would have attempted a purchase on Sears.com. Oh how I wish I could go back in time.

Monetary Loss: $208.

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Sears call center employees are either foreign (not understanding English) or they are untrained beasts that do not care about you or your shopping experience. Sears is scrambling to try to survive this bad economy by doing substandard things to replace the good service that the store had prior to Lampert merging it with k-Mart for money for himself.

Of COURSE he lives in Florida somewhere in a mansion on the water. It isn't HIS two cents......he is just another power broker trying to take a company apart for monetary gain.

I really think that all the unhappy customers should start a class action lawsuit against Sears holdings and this Lampert person for damages.

I feel certain that this will be the last year that Sears is even in existence. Sad but true.


First of all, Sears DOESN'T Care. That has been biggest takeaway from this experience, and that's the most important thing I can stress to any shopper out there.

Secondly, I do NOT accept your most insincere apology. I am SO tired of all of the insincere apologies from Sears. I don't want an apology. I want this matter resolved!

I did as asked, and emailed my info to smadvisor@searshc.com. I was contacted by Deborah from your "Sears EXECUTIVE Offices" and she was as useless as every other Sears representative I've communicated with. She had no familiarity with my situation. I had to explain the situation to ANOTHER person AGAIN.

She seemed confused, and she was of no help. She put me on hold, and then she told me she'd have to follow up with me FOUR days later. She said she could be of no immediate assistance to me. Then she did NOT follow up with me as promised yesterday.

So I called her today and had to leave her a message. I received a message in return from someone named Tony, who said Deborah would be following up with me on November 25th! Um what?!? Excuse me?

This thing has been dragged out SIX WEEKS now, and I'm told it's going to be drawn out another week. And for what? Why? There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON this matter should not have been resolved WEEKS ago and instead of hearing from someone, "We'll take care of this matter IMMEDIATELY" I'm hearing, "We'll get back with you in a WEEK." And that's what I've heard over, and over, and over, again.

And now here we are SIX WEEKS later. I have been lied to, and lied to, and lied to, again. This whole incident has been absolutely ridiculous. I mean it is just UNBELIEVABLE.

There is no reason this service should be acceptable to anyone. It certainly is not acceptable to me. It's become clear to me that in order to correct this situation, I need to just hire a lawyer. As ridiculous as it is(since the lawyer will probably cost more than the $200 I'm already out) it's about the principle.

What Sears is doing is wrong, and because they are a huge conglomerate they think they can get away with it. They know the average person can't afford a lawyer, and even if a person is wealthy enough to be able to afford a lawyer, they won't likely take the time to hire one and pursue legal action over a few hundred dollars.

However I happen to fall into that slim category of people that really don't have the money to hire a lawyer, but are just frustrated enough to make it happen. I don't care if I have to work overtime or use my holiday bonus.

Sears Response

Dear, Daffodill21

Please accept our sincerest apology for the inconvenience and concern surrounding your online purchase and the delay of your refund. We never intend to make our customers shopping experience difficult in any way. We value you as a Sears’s member and understand your time is valuable. We would like to look into this delivery online purchase issue further to address your concerns. At your earliest convenience, please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as your screen name to reference this post (Daffodill21), to smadvisor@searshc.com and a case manager will contact your directly. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Thank you,

Mina H.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support