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I purchased an MP3 Player at costing over $80 for a needy kid for Christmas who didnt even have one gift. Sears site stated that the store had 3 items available, So I paid for it online and went to the store to retreive it.

Just to find out that the item was no longer in stock. They infomed me that i would get my money back in 3-5 days. Today marks day #7 and now noone even knows why I havent gotten my refund.

They all are rude and was no help. DONT SHOP SEARS.COM

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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #664279

They charged me $124 for parts they didn't actually have. They then sent an email telling me that they refunded my money.

10 days later, after numerous emails and phone calls, they tell me they will now Actually refund my money but will have to wait another week or so before I will actually see it back in my account. I'm still waiting. Sucks and their customer service is terrible!!

IF I ever finally receive my money from them they would have had it for almost a month to invest or do whatever they wanted with it.

What is really funny is that it only took them 2 days from the time I ordered the parts to Take The Money Out Of My Account.


In my case it did not take a day or so for them (SEARS.COM) to process my order/payment, and as of today I still havent recieved my refund. Just to be clear with you, My mother works at my bank in a head office and I've been a customer with this bank for over 8yrs, so I know how my bank processed the returns.

Even if it was due to the holiday, it has been WAY over enough time to send my money. I made another purchase to a different store just 4 days ago and they had to credit my account for a mistake they made, and the credit appeared exactly 3 days later. They were very polite and they kept there word. IF I HAD ONLY LOOKED AT THE ONLINE REVIEWS FIRST, BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BUNCH OF BAD COMMENTS AND DISSATIFIED CUSTOMERS.

Like I said, SEARS.COM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I reported them to BBB


It usually takes a day or so for Sears to process it, but its depends on how long your bank takes to process it

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