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I ordered a DVD from on December 23, 2012, never received it on the promised delivery date and when I was asked to wait another 2-3 weeks I asked for a refund. The refund was issued and as of Jan 24, 2013 still nothing, no money and no merchandise.

After calling multiple times, having some condescending scripted speech muttered to me and finally being rudely hung up on 3 times I contacted Sears Holdings Corporate offices. I was promptly transferred to what then call their Executive Level Customer Service where I finally talked to a person with a brain! From that moment on it was truly amazing how kindly and professionally I was treated and was assured I would receive a refund and was even given a personal phone number that I could contact this person back if I had any issues. The thing that makes me most angry, (not directed at the wonderful young lady that finally assisted me), it took 1 full month and then I was informed that Sears never had the item in stock, even at the time I placed the order nobody in this outsourced help desk land had the brains to look this information up! needs to get its head out of its *** and start thinking if they want to stay in business, I worked for Sears from 1983-1998 and although retail is a rough business, if you treat your customers with respect and good service they are loyal to you for life! I will NEVER BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE AGAIN!Sears, learn from Amazon, they treat their customers like people and not cattle!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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