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I had gone to some stores to look for a Christmas tree light dimmer cuz my husband had been *** that the lights on the tree were too bright. Nobody had one, so I started looking online.

Found one @ Sears.com for $6 and some change plus $5 to ship it on 12/2/12 No problem right??? I arrived a few days earlier than expected on 12/12/12. When we opened up the bubble mailer, there was a desk lamp dimmer inside and not a tree light dimmer and the receipt said that it came from Toolbox Supply.com in Albany, NY. whatever!

so, we emailed Sears and told them that we got the wrong item mailed to us. they emailed back and told us that it was the fault of their merchant Toolbox Supply.com an that we need to contact them. Sooo, we called them on 12/13 and nobody bothered to pick up the phone. We called the next day and somebody actually answered the phone.

We explained to then that we did not order a desk lamp dimmer but we ordered a tree lamp dimmer. Cs rep looked at his computer screen and promptly told us that we got what we ordered. ***!!! We spoke to his supervisor Victor, who told us the same *** and that the matter is done.

WTF??? To make a long story short, we have been emailing Sears.com and calling them and all they do is send our complaint to Toolbox Supply.com and tell us to wait for a response. Nobody is doing jack *** to help us resolve our problem. they keep blowing us off hoping that we will cave and forget about our order.

i have asked both sides to either credit my card or send me what I ordered. It ain't *** rocket science!! Apologize for the mistake and mail the correct item. DO NOT SHOP THRU SEARS.COM EVER!!!!!!!

*** DUMBFUCKERS!!!!! the current CEO for Sears is Louis D'Ambrosio, FYI!

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Ordered *** handle from toolbox on 6/12/15, still have not received, They say it will be there today, tomorrow, next week etc. Doubt I ever see handle and if I do what shape will it be in ? Stay away from toolbox and you will be better off for it.