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August 14, 2011

Scott J.

Sears Cares Escalations

Dear Scott (or anyone that can help me),

I have desperately been scouring the internet to figure out how get someone at Sears to actually help me. I came across your name on Measured Up ( You responded to a consumers complaint in such a nice manner that I thought I would give it a shot and email you.

I will try to keep this brief. Back in 2008 our family purchased 14,000 dollars worth of Kenmore appliances for our new home. We designed our brand new kitchen around the Kenmore Pro appliances. We had a special cabinet made to house the refrigerator, freezer and double trim kit. Soon after taking delivery we started to have problems with the refrigerator. Because of the frequent trouble, I have become good friends with the Sears repairmen that come to my home on a frequent basis (joke). Last week a repairman came to my home to once again, fix my refrigerator. This time however, Sears declared my refrigerator unfixable. Because I have a master protection agreement, they decided to give me credit for a new unit. When I went to go about getting a new refrigerator, I was shocked to learn that this unit has been discontinued.

I have had such a difficult time getting customer service to understand that I cannot put any refrigerator there because it must match the freezer. I have gotten the run around so bad that I have been in tears for days. Finally, I had to face the fact that I'll have to rip out the entire refrigerator, freezer and trim kit. I had to spend and extra 500 dollars just to get a new smaller side by side refrigerator/freezer. Next, I need to have cabinets made to fill in the empty space that will be left by downsizing the unit(s). I am too afraid to even think about what that will cost.

I would be extremely grateful if you, or anyone else, would be so kind to take a look into this matter for me. Below, I will include all information for you to review. All I am seeking is Sears to credit me the 470 dollars that I had to pay out for a new refrigerator/freezer. I will still be out 1,469 dollars for the freezer that I cannot use and also 495 dollars for the trim kit. These appliances are only 3 years old! If Sears would like to send me a little extra toward retro-fitting my cabinets I would not be mad, ha-ha! Thank you so much for your time and any response at all would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

K. Johnson

CASE # 3733127

APRIL 2008

Kenmore Pro Refrigerator (#44823) $1,496.00

Kenmore Pro Freezer (#44833) $1,496.00

Trim Kit (#4473) $495.00

Installation $175.00

Total Spent $3,362.00

AUGUST 13, 2011

New Unit (Samsung RSG257AA) $1,699.15

Sears Credit for New Unit $1,250.00

Money Out of Pocket $470.00 (includes tax)

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Same exact scenerio, Remodeled the kitchen and spent about $14,000 on all Sears appliances back in 2007. Actually Sears repair man is in my kitchen working on the Fridg (Kenmore Pro 46-44823) It has been replaced 3 time and repaired 13 times.

There are no replacment for this fridge and the whole kitchen was designed arounr Freezer/ Fridge. Pretty much left with no option.

Not sure what to do at this time.

R. Ahmadi


I am the original poster to this. Now my 3 year old Kenmore Pro dishwashers pump has broke.

I called Sears and paid the $220 service/warranty fee. They never came for the appointment. I took the day off of work to be home and they called after the 4 hour window saying they could not make it. I hired another reputable company to come and repair it.

My pump was broke and it would cost over $600 to replace. I now feel I need to buy a new dishwasher (just like I needed to replace the fridge mentioned above) because I could buy a new unit for just a smidge more! It will NOT BE A KENMORE! I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT INTO A SEARS STORE AGAIN.




Hello I was really wondering, what, if any resolve has happened on this matter. I want to buy some High end appliances for my own home and noticed the Kenmore PRO line and now I might be thiking differently...


I hate to say it, but your not getting any help from Sears. They don't care and wont help you. Good luck though.