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I made a purchase at Sears not sure if the item would work. However, I needed to take it home to see if it would. I clearly asked the explained to the clerk and asked him Sears return policy. I clarified what was needed if returned, etc. in order to get the full return. I decided on that info to complete the purchase. After the transaction was nearly complete he said I qualified for a "10 dollar gift card" He handed me the card and I said thank you and asked if their were any "qualifiers" for the use and he said no. I took the product home and it was not as expected. The next day I took my reciept and the product for a return. The teller asked for the "gift card back". No one told me the unsolicited "gift card" was part of the sale agreement. In fact it was a "comeback card". I was only refunded the amount less the $10 "gift card amount" I asked to speak to a manager and out came the general store manager, Jim. Obviously, Jim was not in a good mood and was a real *** in the way he treated me as a customer. The remaining sales staff had been excellent. He just said if I could come back thei the card I would get my 10 bucks in product. Well I took back the unsolicited card and got back my 10 bucks, (again wonderful service, "customer satisfaction manager" ) not product., but through the process Jim has managed to loose a fairly regular customer.

1) I clearly asked store return policy, before the purchase.

2) In no way did I solicit the card from Sears. Was was it was given to me.

3) In actuality card was a part of the sale.

4) The store manager should know how to treat customers!! His employees know how!

5) I will not deal with stores that "trap my dollars" with "gift cards"

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Next time if you get one of those comeback cards, wait until the gift card activates then spend all the money on the card. After using the money on the card, then return the item and you'll get your money back


I contactacted Sears blue ribbon service as requested. Wow, what a difference between local store general manager (Jim) customer service and Blue Ribbon service (Daves's) Sometime it is as simple as just doing the right thing and not blaming the customer. The issue was resolved as well as anyone could hope.

Sears Response


I apologize for the way you feel you were treated by one of our store managers. My name is Brian H. with the Sears Cares team. We'd like the opportunity to speak with you and provide the necessary feedback to the store you visited as well as assist you in any way we can. If you could please email SMAdvisor@searshc.com with a phone number we can use to contact you, we will have a case manager call you directly. Also, please be sure to include your screen name (springfieldmo) in your email so we can reference your issue. Again, we apologize and we hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Brian H.

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