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sears has a forum mysears.com

check it out and post all the wonderful stories of how sears has wronged you!

they love to hear the stories!

they have people who work for sears on there insulting people!

and if you call them out on it the love to erase consumers posts!

please head on over and contribute so you can help others make a better choice than we did and not purchase anything from sears ever again!

its quite fun to see them squirm when you call out their customer service for how terrible it is.

See you soon!

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Hi my dear friends

Sears has outsources their business to 24/7 customer located in bangalore and the people over here are screwing you. Please be careful when you order the parts via chat as these people are purposefully selling wrong parts to achieve their target and to get some incentives. Even this was informed to the clients but i think they dont care about it so please please be very careful.

Arkansas, United States #869058

I have been in the market for a new Snapper Hi-Vac mower. I have used Snapper for many years.

Sears has the advertised on their website. The pricing seemed high...so I called the local Snapper dealer. The particular model I want I was told, by the dealer, has a MSRP of $529. I called Snapper an confirmed this.

Sears has the price listed as $1996. But wait! Since they are such Great folks, they have slashed the price in half! All you pay is $998.

Wow what a great Sale Price. I called Sears and was told that since it was a Marketplace product, Sears has no control over the pricing. I find that concept very interesting. Where I live we called this Deception!

And the is being kind.

Where did Sears lose their ethics? What a JOKE!!!!

Wayne, Michigan, United States #715918

bought a washer/dryer from sears and got it home and didnt work.

looked at the door where i heard a clicking sound and called for repairs and told them the switch was broke and bring the part with them. they showed up a couple of days later with no part and said it would be another week for the part.

well the part came two days later and called. the tech said he would be there that afternoon between 1 and 5 ,so i took the day off for the 2nd time and noshow and no call then they said they would reschedule 3 days later. what kind of *** are these people to waste 3 days of my time.

Dont use sears you'll be sorry. never again!

Sears Response

Dear Geokir,

My name is Susan with Sears Cares Escalations team. We would like to thank you for alerting us that the Associate at our Savannah Parts Direct Store provided such poor customer service to you. We expect all of our Associates and Call Center Agents to build customer relationships and it does not seem this happened. We would like to speak to you concerning your past experience and go over the options we have to turn this into a positive one. We value your business very much. At your convenience please contact our office via email at SMAdvisor@searshc.com and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (Geokir) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

Savannah, Georgia, United States #709828

I went to sears parts in Savannah to day. It is a different location then their main store.

I walked in with the bad part off my weedeater. The young lady behind the counter never moved off her stool. She did not even look at me. After a few seconds of waiting for her to look my way I asked if they might have this part.

The answer was no. She still has not moved. Never offered to order the part. After I made another request she said I would need to buy the whole upper part and the was one over there.

As I walk to that part of the store she told me it was to the right in a brown box. No matter which way I was facing she keep repeating "it's to the right". She still has not made a move. I find the box and it said curved section.

It's the wrong part. Her next statement was that I would need to buy a new one(weedeater). I looked around for a second then left.

The whole time she never moved, never offered to look up the part to order it and most of the time just ignored me. So I took her advice and bought a new one from another store(not sears).


Sears Service Dep't is really, "Non-Service Department. Just because you walk around with a screwdriver, doesn't mean you know what you're doing.

I've had the same man at my home (technician 0502666 from Wall Township Service Center) to service my Kenmore water softener and he's created flooding and non stop running water that could total a loss of 500 gallons. A third visit was scheduled for yesterday, August 5 in the afternoon. The same tech called at 2:30 and said he'd be here in 20 minutes. He never showed.

Wen I called at 4pm, an operator in Indonesia or somewhere other than the east coast of the US ultimately told me that he's not coming because I didn't want him. I explained that when I made the third service call 2 weeks prior that I didn't want him and why. They knew that well enough in advance but used it as a convenient excuse, forcing the representative to lie on their behalf. But that's what Sears knows best - lies and ineptness.

Is there a technician in Sears with a pair of balls that will stand up to the truth?

By the way, if buying a new washer and dryer, remember Kenmore is made by the same people as Maytag and Whirlpool. They're all the same so stay away from that big bad Sears.

Syracuse, New York, United States #692181

Sears people lie and misrepresent everything even recorded conversations.

Sears in Roundrock TX ie; Gabriel is a prime example of a total liar.

Good luck if you ever want any customer service, delivery or repair of appliances that fail right out of the box.

Sears wil string you along for weeks on end promising everything and delivering on nothing! Complete and Total failure!!!


My concern is with my mom’s vacuum. The first time she called she was sent on a thirty-minute drive to a repair center that hasn’t done repairs for 2-3 years from what she was told by the workers there. After finally getting the correct address she has taken the vacuum to have the power cord replaced twice and was told it was done both times only to find out not only does it have the same damaged cord but now the light on the vacuum no longer works. She has given up on trying getting it repaired and for fear of what might happen from using the vacuum with a damaged cord. She now uses an old spare she had laying around the house.

Another more recent incident involves my mom’s air conditioner. It suddenly started leaking water. When the repairman came out she was told it couldn’t be repaired under the service contract because the leak was caused by rust. The service contracts states that repairs are okay when things break by normal wear and tear which is this case. The rust occurring in the air conditioner is where the condensation flows through the unit to get outside the house. If there’s rust, it’s negligence on the Sears behalf for the type of metal used. Sears is putting the rust clause above the “normal wear and tear” clause to avoid repairing the air conditioning unit. We have made numerous calls and waited for hours getting transferred to different sections only to be put on hold or hung up on. When we did get a chance to speak with someone we were given all types of excuses as to why they wouldn’t repair it but the rust is what they settled on. My parents have paid thousands of dollars into their service agreement over the past 40 years and this is the best service Sears has to offer?

We’re still not sure if the heating part of the unit is damaged due to the water leakage. I guess that will be my next post. In the meantime, beware of the Sears Service Agreement.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #685187

on delivery of my refrigerator.....the a few marks on my floor, damage my counter top a dent in the refrigerator. the refrigerator is missing a shelf.

They said they would deliver a new refrigerator but wouldn't put in only take the other one out.

If I do get a real person on the phone they give me the run around. I'm not happy with my service from sears.

Savannah, New York, United States #683690

I wish I saw this post before...They still are not applying customer service to their websites or FB pages!

Champlin, Minnesota, United States #681524

We have an extended warranty on our water heater. The heater stopped working- Sears made us wait 5 days for a repair- this was 3 weeks ago- the heater went out again a few days ago- again they said no repair for 6 days as they were too busy installing air conditioners.

Many hours, calls, different depts. later- they stated they would replace the heater - we paid the permit- they stated they would call with installation date- no call as of 2 days later- hours on the phone trying to pin them down - no call back.

We will never buy from Sears again. This is ridiculous.

Date of AC Purchase from Sears: May 29, 2008
Repair date calls-
2010 April 12
2010 June 16
2011 June 24
2011 July 22
2011 August 17
2012 July 2012
Every call was a complaint the unit was not working correctly.
2010 April 12th
First call the service technician was too big to go under the house. He gave my husband the tools and the directions to do his job.
2010 June 16
Called complaining that the unit did not work correctly and asked to send a different service technician who would actually do the job my warranty was to cover. Received call back from technician explaining why he wasn’t able to get under house and postponed the maintenance date so he could get someone who could get under the house.
2011 June 24
The repair team came to the house looked over the equipment and didn’t have the right tools to complete the job.
2011 July 22
Called again complaining of AC unit not working properly returned and claimed they serviced it.
2011 August 17
Called again complaining of AC unit not working properly, they cancelled the service call after informing me that I would be charged for the visit even though my AC was still not working properly.
2012 July 17
Called again complaining of AC unit not working properly returned and claimed they serviced it.
2013 July 08
Warranty is expired and the unit is not working! After all of the calls and complaints I have made my warranty was not honored unless having a service tech drive into my driveway is all the warranty covers!

I am extremely upset that my hard earned money has been wasted and my constant complaints for maintenance and repair were handled inadequately. Since 2010 our power bills have been 300.00 during summer months and we are paying 200.00 a month on the line of credit we opened to purchase the unit and warranty.
I am a VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER! I plan posting this everywhere to warn all future consumers before they make the same mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April Wofford :(
Baltimore, Maryland, United States #674045

Ordered a shed for delivery on 6/28/13 and the existing shed would be hauled away. double and tripled checked with the operator if the shed had to be disassembled.

No Mam! shed was delivered, and after inspection the floor had a whole in the bottom. Could not return because the drivers took off and did not take the shed because it was not disassembled. after two hours with customer service I was told I would receive a $100.00 gift card for damage and shed would be picked up on 7/3/2013 after shed was disassembled.

we took off work disassembled shed and the drivers left once again without the shed. I was on hold with several people even the corporate complaint center who transferred me with no explanation to the delivery center. called back and was told all nails must be removed. went through story with the 30th sears rep and was assured the shed will now be picked up on Friday.

we shall see... still have not received gift card for damage.

I highly recommend Home depot or Lowe's b/4 becoming totally frustrated with this bunch.

Newport Beach, California, United States #673889

Purchased a fridge on 5-31-2013. Delivery scheduled for 6-17-2013.

Confirmed delivery time day before delivery so took the day off of work only to be call the morning of 6-17 to say they pushed it off the shipping dock and would have to order another one.

Rescheduled for 7-3-2013 delivery so took another day off of work only to be called 3 hours before delivery that they don't have a truck available today.

Two lost work days, no fridge for the fourth and a complete runaround from customer service.

Horrible experience but thanks for teaching me the Sears sucks lesson.


I was called by Sears to extend the "Service Agreement" on my outdoor Grill that I have had for 6 years. I extended the "Service Agreement " for 2 years, they took my money, I scheduled a tech visit.

The grill had not been serviced for 3 or so years. The tech cancelled twice on the appointments and finally arrived when I was gone but my adult daughter was home. The tech refused to service43 the grill and just wrote up the grill as neglected. I called in to complain and recant his report, Sear took the info from me but said well, since he wrote it your agreement is terminated and we will refund a partial amount.

I offered to send pictures because the tech was wrong and in my opinion did not want top do his job. They declined and then I demanded 100% refund because they did not fulfill the maintenance on my grill. They refused. MY I would not and will not ever buy anything from Sears again and now I see why Sears is dying.

It is not because we do not want to shop their, it is because they have deteriorated so much in their customer service that I can no longer trust them. They do not obviously care though about what I think. Well, that is okay, as I told them the tech was so wrong that my grill still works fine and the minor fixes were not anything that should have cost them so much as my discontinued purchases from them will cost them.

If they do not refund all my money, I will file an official complaint with the Attorney General and the BBB.





Jefferson City, Missouri, United States #657083

Print your receipts at the register or be screwed!

In September of 2012, I went to Sears and purchases a demo model of a Sears "Professional" hammer drill. I was drilling holes in concrete and I needed a hammer drill, they had a heavy model that was being discontinued, and offered a good deal on the very last of the model. Because their discounted price included the case, and this one had no case or paperwork, they agreed to take another $5 off of the price for me, and told me I could print the manual out online if I needed it.

When the cashier asked me if I wanted a printed receipt, I said no, it would be fine if one was e-mailed to me, as long as the warranty proof would be in the system. She said yes, all the purchase information was in the system so I wouldn't need to bring in a paper receipt, anyway.

I used the drill a total of 6 times: Once to drill into a basement floor to build a wall in a finished basement, once to put 8 concrete screws into the ground to attach a "gazebo" tent to the ground, twice to attach shutters to a brick wall, once to attach braces to a concrete porch, and once to drill weep holes into a concrete basement wall.

I used concrete bits each time I did this - dedicated concrete bits for a hammer drill.

When I was using the drill the 5th time, to install braces for a porch rail, the dial that turned the drill between low and high speed quit working. It would pop out of low speed into neutral if I didn't hold it.

When I used it the 6th time, the trigger mechanism burned up. Now, if you plug the drill in, it comes on. Because of the speed selector not working in low gear, I could only use it in high speed, and now it turns if it is plugged in. The switch speeds it up, but you cannot disengage it. So much for "professional."

I took the drill back to the Sears I bought it from. The girl who unlocked the cable holding the demo model I purchased helped me. She said there was no record of me ever buying that item. Because I opted to have them email my receipt, I didn't have a printed receipt. The very thing I was worried about has happened - I have no proof I purchased it and Sears has, much too conveniently for my tastes, somehow lost the record.

Ironically, there are several other things I bought from Sears that also do not show up on my purchasing record. I bought shoes for both my children, and they are not on my record of in-store and online purchases. So somehow, the system is faulty. Do not rely on it. Get a paper receipt and keep it.

This is just part of a string of disasters I've had, all with the exact same store or online. It is no wonder that Sears is in financial difficulty.

I have purchased thousands of dollars in car parts from a couple different auto parts places. When I bring one of those in, the cashier at either place can tell exactly when and where I bought it, even if it came from a store in a different state. I've made about 7 purchases from Sears in the last decade, all in the last 14-15 months, and all from the same exact store, and half of the items don't show up on the record.

The manager told me he would refund the lowers sale price in store credit, giving me $40 and some change on a drill they had on the shelf for over $100 with a 2-year warranty.

First, it is very poor that they sell an item labeled as professional and it doesn't even give me 5 hours of service.

But it is unforgivable that they tell me I don't need the receipt, and then somehow cannot find the purchase in their computer. Why not? Did the cashier pocket the money? The manager even checked purchases of that drill over a several month period and said he showed two purchases, and that he had made one of the purchases himself, the other was to someone different.

So now, because I relied on Sears, I have a couple choices: Accept $40 to use only in the store that screwed me, keep a worthless drill, or take it apart and try to fix it myself.

But my blood pressure goes up just thinking about it. If the manager compared his inventory to what shows up as sold, he would have to see a discrepancy. If they can't do that, this is a very poor system indeed.

I do believe it is the last straw. I swore I'd never deal with them because of a whole host of issues last summer, but they apologized and even sent me a gift card to use for my trouble. But they wouldn't have to do this if it wasn't for their poor customer service and the problems they face. Why does nobody care about the fact that this drill was sold and it is not in the record? What about inventory? If their system worked, they would show that they have at least one of these "professional" drills left. Since they don't, then something is wrong.

I would love for someone to explain how the store keeps inventory, and where the record went. In the meantime, remember the phrase "Buyer Beware" - don't count on Sears to have a record of your purchase, even if every Craftsman purchase you make is at the same store.

Then this also brings up other questions: Did I get the ShopMyWay points I should have for the purchase, or the Craftsman Club points? Who knows, as I can't find any record of where my points have come from or where they've gone.

It sure seems like Sears is destined to go under. Last year I bought a circular saw, a miter saw, this drill, and several other things from them because they acted like the problems I had last year might have been a fluke, so I was willing to give them a second chance. That was a bad move. Despite the fancy name and description, I'd have been better off going to Harbor Freight and buying a cheapo that I knew was a cheapo, instead of a cheapo labeled as a "professional" tool.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #655367
Sears Refrigerator Repair Log
“Diary of a Disaster”

Sorry this is so long, but it takes this much to document this lengthy saga.

Mon., April 22 – Initial Call #1, ~20 mins. (Contact #1)
I made an initial call to Sears Repair (1-800-4MY-HOME) to schedule a refrigerator repair for my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator which was not cooling properly, that I had purchased “about” 5 years ago. I did not know the exact date of purchase at the time of my call, but I did know that the refrigerator came with a 1 year general warranty and a 5 year “sealed cooling system” warranty.

During the call I was offered a Sears Service Agreement for $274 that would cover any repairs and give me a one-year warranty. I started to get my credit card out to buy this SSA, but then I discussed the existing 5-year warranty with the customer service rep, and asked whether they had information about whether it was still in effect. They put me on hold while they researched it. While on hold, I looked at my refrigerator manufacturing placard inside the unit, which stated a manufacture date of 03-08. I also looked in the matching freezer (a separate unit) which I bought at the same time, and it had a manufacture date of 05-08. I knew that both appliances, along with several others I had purchased (dishwasher, cooktop, ovens, garbage disposal) were all delivered at the same time. Considering the date of the freezer unit’s manufacture was in May of 2008, I knew the appliances were delivered just under 5 years ago and should be covered by the 5-year warranty.

When the customer service rep. returned, she informed me that the appliances were all purchased on March 5, 2008, and that they had a delivery date in their system of March 20, 2008, and that the refrigerator would not be covered under warranty. When I informed her of the manufacturing date of the matching freezer being in May, and therefore could not have been delivered in March, she said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor. While on hold again, I looked at the backside of the refrigerator unit (which I had initially pulled out to see if maybe there were dirty coils that were preventing the unit from cooling properly – there weren’t), and discovered that there was a label indicating the initial charging of the cooling system was done on April 8, 2008. This proved that the unit was still in the factory in early April 2008, and there was no way it was delivered on March 20, 2008. In fact, I recalled that at the time of purchase there were two delays: one of the items that I ordered was on back order, and my kitchen remodel was not quite completed and the cabinets were not installed yet, so I wanted to delay delivery. March 20 may have been an initial scheduled delivery date in their system, but no delivery took place then.

When the supervisor came on the phone, I explained all this to him, and he said the unit should be covered under warranty. We set a repair appointment of April 25.

Afterwards I looked at my old credit card statements and confirmed that the purchase date was indeed March 5, 2008.
Wed., April 24 – Call from Sears #1 (Contact #2)
Robo-call from Sears indicating my appointment is tomorrow.

Thurs, April 25 – Repair Appointment #1 (Contact #3)
I received a call in the morning from the repair technician indicating he was on the way and he wanted to confirm that I knew about the $65 service charge for him to come look at the unit. I informed him that I had been told that the unit would be covered under the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. He told me that he was not aware that this was a warranty repair. I explained the details to him and he said the best course of action would be for him to come out and diagnose the unit. It may be something simple and inexpensive to fix, such as an electrical relay or something., and that we could figure out the warranty issue after his diagnosis. I agreed for him to come out.

He diagnosed the unit as having a complete cooling system failure, and that the cost would be about $1300! I was initially shocked at the cost, since I bought the whole refrigerator for about $850 ($999 retail price less sale discount and rebates). I again reiterated that I had been told it would be covered under the warranty. He contacted his manager to explain the situation, then told me the manager indicated it would not be covered under the warranty, unless I could provide a delivery receipt with a delivery date later than the date they had in their computer system of March 20.

I clearly was not happy, but I asked about the alternative that was initially offered to me: to buy the Service Agreement for $274. I was then told that this was not possible as I had declined it during my initial repair call. I said the only reason I declined it was that I was told that it would be covered under the warranty, why would I buy the SSA?

The tech thought maybe I should consider just buying a new refrigerator. I quickly looked online, and discovered that my model is no longer offered (of course). And the new replacement model is taller and has a different handle, and now retails for $1879. (How does a refrigerator double in price in 5 years?) This is a problem since I have separate matched refrigerator and freezer units with a trim kit that wraps around both units making it look like one. The new refrigerator wouldn’t fit with the old freezer and trim. I would have to buy two new units and new trim at a retail price of $4,258.

He said my best course of action would be to pay for the parts needed (compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger and drier) and the initial service call at a total cost of about $870. It would take about a week to get the parts. Then, in the meantime, I should look to see if I could find a delivery receipt, and contact Sears One Source Customer Solutions at 1-800-479-5899 to figure out the warranty issue. I agreed and paid the $870 for the parts order & service call. The next repair appointment was set for May 2. The repair man leaves, leaving the shelves and drawers and back of the refrigerator and gaskets and screws all over the place. I have to put it all together again so I’m not walking across parts for the next week.

I looked through all my old records but was unable to find a delivery receipt for the appliances. I decided maybe the Sears store where I purchased the appliances (Tyrone Square Mall) may have a copy of the delivery receipt, or perhaps their delivery warehouse might have one.

Tues, April 30 – Call #2 from Sears & Call #2 to Sears, ~10 mins. (Contacts #4 & 5)
I received a robo-call from Sears indicating that it was urgent that I call them back to reschedule my repair appointment. Mystified, I called Sears and got a man who spoke very broken English, with a very strong Hispanic accent. I could not for the life of me understand what he was saying, until after the fourth or fifth attempt at repeating himself, I finally understood the word “re-free-ya-ray-dor.” Eventually I made out that they had to reschedule the appointment to May 7. I asked why? He said “Parts”. I told him I received the parts (they were shipped directly to my house, although I wasn’t told this in advance, so it was a surprise when they arrived). He said OK, then we can reschedule for May 3. I asked why we needed to reschedule at all. He said OK, we can keep the original appt. date of May 2. Weird.

Wed., May 1 – Visit to Sears & Call (#3) to One Source, 1hr. 30 mins. (Contacts #6 & 7)
I went to Sears and asked to speak with the store manager. She said they only keep records for 6 months to a year. There was nothing she could do except escort me to the appliances section of the store and hand me over to a sales associate and told him to call Sears One Source and hand me the phone. But first I had to wait about 10 minutes until he was finished with some other customers.

I spoke with a woman at Sears One Source named “Chris” (or “Kris”), and explained the situation to her, telling her everything that had happened thus far. Her response was that basically there was nothing she could do. She looked at the notes in my record and was unable to confirm who the supervisor was that I spoke with initially who stated that the repair should be covered under warranty. I asked again if I could buy the Service Agreement for $274, and she said no, it may have been possible earlier, but since the tech had already diagnosed the problem it was too late. I told her that at each step of this process I followed the suggestions of the Sears representative, and that it caused me to be in a worse situation:
(1) was told by the initial supervisor that it was under warranty – therefore did not buy the SSA.
(2) Was told by the service tech that he should first come out and diagnose the problem, and then deal with One Source to discuss the warranty issue – therefore unable to buy the SSA.

After spending 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone with her, including over 30 minutes on hold while she spoke with a supervisor. While it did seem she was trying to understand my plight, she seemed frustrated by what her supervisor was telling her during the several holds I was put on. I asked to speak with the supervisor. Russ (Employee ID #251746 – by now I was learning that I needed to keep track of the people I was speaking with) came on the phone and was a complete ***! It felt as if he were reading pre-written scripts from a book. There was absolutely no empathy or any understanding by him. He didn’t want to hear my side of the story or any of the facts, and did not want to help me in any way. I knew there was no use in talking with him.

Wed., May 1 – Reschedule Call (#3) from Sears & Call #4 to Sears, 10 mins. (Contacts #8 & 9)
I received another robo-call from Sears indicating it was urgent that I call to reschedule my repair appointment. Bewildered again, I called Sears and this time got a woman who again spoke very broken English, but this time with an Asian accent. She asked whether I received 5 parts. I said I don’t know; I had received three packages, but I didn’t open them up to see how many parts were inside. She repeated I should have 5 parts. Again I told her I had 3 boxes, but I was at work and so could not check the boxes. In addition, perhaps more parts had been delivered that day. She said OK. I said I wanted to make sure the tech is still on for tomorrow’s appt. She said yes and even gave me an appointment window of 8am – 12pm.

Thurs, May 2 – Call #5 to One Source, 1 hr. 40 mins., and Repair Appointment #2 (Contacts #10 & 11)
On the morning of the scheduled repair appointment, I called Sears One Source Customer Solutions again, hoping to get someone more polite and understanding than Russ the ***, and hoping to get the situation resolved before the repair was complete. After spending about 30 minutes explaining everything again to another customer service rep, I was put through to another supervisor Linda (Employee ID #60822).

I spent about an hour on the phone with Linda, including many holds, but she seemed very empathetic and understanding of my situation and seemed to want to help. The complete antithesis of Russ the ***. During our conversation, I reiterated the facts about the manufacturing placards and the charging label on the refrigerator, and that I had found on my computer calendar a Sears Appliance Delivery appointment on May 27, 2008. She said they really needed the delivery receipt, and that she would contact the delivery warehouse and have them pull the delivery manifests in that date range. (This indicated that I had twice been told a lie earlier when I was told that they only kept delivery receipts for 1 year.)

She also confirmed with me that it was current policy to honor warranties based on the purchase date, not on the delivery date; but that at the time of my purchase, the policy was to honor the warranty based on delivery date, and so that is what they would do in my case. But they needed to confirm what the delivery date was. I felt confident that when they found the delivery receipt it would show that the delivery was in fact some time in May (or possibly later).

By this time it was about 9:30am and I was wondering where the repair people were, as they had said it would be a 2-man job that took about 3 hours and so would be scheduled as the very first appt. for the day at about 8:00am. When I inquired about this, Linda looked in the records and informed me that no repair was taking place today. I asked why not? She said they hadn’t gotten confirmation that the parts had arrived. I told her about my two conversations the previous two days, and she said she saw those calls in my record but the “Asian” (for lack of a better name) girl did not enter the confirmation in the computer and set the appt.

Linda tried to see if they could still come out the same day, but it was too late, and in fact the next appointment was not available until May 7. I was quite upset, but Linda did seem to be doing her best, and there was nothing I could really do. We set the appointment for May 7.

In the meantime, she would contact the warehouse and have them pull the delivery manifests.

Tues, May 7 – Call from Sears #4, Repair Appointment #3 & Call to Sears #6 & 7, 24 mins. (Contacts #12, 13, 14 & 15)
On the morning of May 10 at 7:47am, I get a robo-call from Sears indicating that I am first on the appointment schedule and that the repair technician is on his way. Woo-hoo!

At 8:43am, I get a voice mail from Sears dispatch that the tech called in sick and I would have to reschedule the appointment. I am absolutely livid. I immediately call Sears back, but don’t get the dispatch department, I get the general customer service department, with its robo-menu. Evidently it can’t understand screaming English. So I call back, and try to calm my voice until I get a real person. This is not easy.

When a real person does answer, they unfortunately receive my wrath. But poor Rebecca doesn’t know anything about my previous issues, its really not her fault, so I calm down, explain the situation and see if she can send another tech today, which of course, they can’t. Next available appointment: Fri, May 10. Isn’t there anything sooner? No, but I can add you to our “Sooner Service” list, and if there’s a cancellation by someone else, they will try to get me in. (Yeah, like anyone in their right mind would cancel one of these impossible to get appointments, not to mention mine is a 2-man, 3 hour job – not so easy to squeeze that one in.) She offers me a $25 gift card for my inconvenience. I tell her to stick the gift card – there is no way in *** I am ever stepping foot in another Sears store. I ask to speak to Linda, to update her on the latest issues and to see if she has received the delivery receipt. I am told she will call me back shortly. NOT!

Wed., May 8 – Call from Sears #5 and Call to Sears #8 & 9, 7 mins. (Contacts #16, 17 & 18)
Linda calls me and leaves a voice mail apologizing for not getting back with me and indicating Rebecca left her a message to get back with me, but Linda wasn’t in and left my information for Mariah (another manager) to get back with me but they were “busy”. She did inform me that the warehouse was unable to confirm the delivery date of March 20 (their claimed date), but they were continuing to look for other days thereafter. She specifically requested that they look for May 29th .

May 29th is the wrong date. My records show May 27th. I call her back at the number she called me from: (512) 248-7700, hoping to get her direct line, but it is a general number. I try the automated system to get “Linda”, but am unsuccessful. I call back again, and get someone else, to whom I have to repeat the entire story again, be put on hold, etc., just to make sure they’re looking for the correct date.

Thurs, May 9 – Call from Sears #6 (Contact #19)
Robo-call from Sears indicating my appointment is tomorrow.

Fri, May 10 – Call from Sears #7 & Repair Appointment #4 (Contacts #20 & 21)
8:16am – Robo-call from Sears indicating repair tech is on the way.

The repair tech arrives. (Hoo-ray!) I pull some items off the bottom shelves, including the drawers and bottom shelves themselves, but there are still some items on the top shelf. The repair man pulls out the fridge and gets behind it and tilts the back of the fridge up. At which point several bottles of beer on the top shelf start swaying. One tips over and smashes to smithereens on the stone floor. The tech is apologetic, but does not attempt to clean anything up. I now have to clean up broken glass and beer from the floor. You would think any responsible tech would know to (a) empty the fridge, (b) make sure its empty before tilting the backside up, (c) make sure the fridge door is closed before tilting it up.

Then, he informs me that the wrong parts were delivered. The parts company sent two evaporators and no condenser. He shows me that the correct parts were, in fact, ordered. He orders new parts and sets a new appointment for May 16.

I explain to him the whole story, and he is actually very nice and understanding. I show him the manufacturing placards and the charging label and he takes pictures to show his supervisor. He is of the opinion that it should be covered under warranty.

By this point, I am over being angry. It has turned into a comedy of errors, except that it is not at all funny. Sears is clearly the Keystone Kops of service companies. I am disappointed, disgusted and resigned. If this were any appliance other than Kenmore Elite, I would have gone to another repair company.

Wed, May 15 – Call from Sears #8 (Contact #22)
Robo-call indicating my appointment is tomorrow.

Thurs, May 16 – Call to Sears #10, 6 mins. (Contact #23)
I call Sears in an attempt to speak with Linda at another number she has given me: 1-800-479-6351, option 4. This turns out to be the “Home Improvement” option for Roofing, Windows and Doors. I ask the person to leave a message for Linda to call me back. Doesn’t happen.

Thurs, May 16 – Repair Appointment #5 (Contact #24)
Two repair techs show up and repair the fridge. An hour into the repair I hear the refrigerator firing up (I’m in another room), but its making a terrible rattling sound. I figure they’re not done yet. But as time goes on towards 2 ½ hours, they have managed to diminish the rattling somewhat but not completely.

They tell me the compressor is bad. It’s working and cooling, but it will continue to make the rattling sound whenever the cooling cycle comes on and off. You have got to be kidding me! My bedroom is directly behind the wall where the refrigerator is located, and the rattling racket is sure to keep me up nights. The techs order another compressor and set another appointment in a week: May 23. At least I have a refrigerator again after 3½ weeks.

I ask how long will it take to replace the compressor next time so I know if I put food in the fridge it will stay cold while they fix it again. They assure me it won’t take long and it’s OK to fill it with food again. As they are leaving, I notice little black specks all over the kitchen – on the countertops, on the floors, on furniture, everywhere. I ask what it is, and the repair tech responds: “Oh that’s probably a little soot from the acetylene torch. It’s harmless. You just need to wipe it clean.” Ummm? I need to wipe it clean? How about you cleaning up after your mess? But what should I expect. He didn’t clean up the broken beer bottle, how could I expect him to clean up torch soot?

By the afternoon, the fridge is a chilly 32 degrees and I have to turn it down to 2 to keep it from getting too cold. Awesome! A trip to the grocery store means a full fridge.

Fri, May 17 – Call to Sears #11, 34 mins. (Contact #25)
I call Linda again to let her know about the bad compressor and check on the delivery receipts. It takes a while to explain everything to the first customer service rep and that I really need to talk to Linda. After about 15 minutes she finally agrees: “Maybe you should just talk to Linda.” Uh… yeah.. that’s what I’ve been trying to say for the last 15 minutes. Linda informs me they have been unable to locate the delivery manifests, and that they are essential for them to honor the warranty. Again I explain it like this:

You have a delivery date on your computer of March 20.
I have a delivery date on my computer of May 27.
You cannot find a delivery manifest for your date.
You cannot find a delivery manifest for my date.
I understand that a delivery manifest would be the best evidence we could find, but since we can’t, let’s look at the other physical evidence.
All appliances were delivered at the same time. (She confirms this.)
The freezer was manufactured in May 2008, therefore there is one piece of hard evidence that the appliances could not have been delivered prior to May 2008.
The refrigerator has a cooling system charge date of April 8, 2008, so it was still in the factory on that date.
It takes time for the unit to be shipped from whichever country it was manufactured in (probably Mexico, but could be Korea, or Japan or elsewhere – it definitely was not manufactured in the US according to the repair tech) and to clear customs and be delivered to a distribution center and delivered to my house. It probably takes at least 2 weeks, which would be April 22 at the very earliest. Yet another indisputable fact that the refrigerator could not possibly have been delivered to my house until late April 2008 at the earliest.

She said she will continue to have the warehouse look for the delivery manifest, but that they have to have it to honor the warranty. She promises to call on Monday. NOT!

Sun, May 19
After working in the yard for a few hours, I go to the fridge to get a cold beer. Except it’s not very cold. I look at the thermometer I put in there: 58 degrees. You have got to be kidding me – AGAIN!!!! After thinking about it, I realized the butter was a little soft this morning, too. I try turning the fridge colder to 7 (the highest setting). The fan comes on, but no compressor.

I turn it off for a few minutes and turn it back on. The compressor is trying to come on but groans and its rattle sounds like it’s in slow motion. After a few seconds it gives up. It’s toast. I am disgusted – AGAIN!!! Too disgusted to even call Sears.

I try to salvage some of the food and put it in a cooler, but some I have to throw out – AGAIN!!!

Mon., May 20 – Call to Sears #12, 4 mins. (Contact #26)
I call Sears One Source Customer Solutions again – love that name: One Source to get your solution -- except I’ve had 26 points of contact with them so far and still no solution. Maybe they should rename it: “Thank you for calling Sears 26 Contacts and No Solutions. How may we not help you today?” I tell the Customer Service Rep about my story (again, but abbreviated) and add that the refrigerator was rattling but now doesn’t work at all, and that I have received the new compressor. Is there any way to get a tech out some time before Thursday, May 23? Not really, but we can add you to our “Sooner Service” list. Great.

I ask her to get a message to Linda reminding her that she promised to call today. Except she doesn’t.

Wed., May 22 – Call from Sears #9 (Contact #27)
Robo-call indicating my appointment tomorrow.

Thurs., May 23 – Call to Sears #13, 14 mins, and Call from Sears #10, 34 mins. (Contacts #28 & 29)
I call Sears One Source near 9:30am concerned that I have not received a call notifying me of the time window of today’s repair, as I usually have in the past. The Cust. Svc. Rep. says she will find out what time and puts me on hold. 10 minutes later – yes TEN MINUTES on hold to give me a time (have I told you about the annoying repeating music they have on hold. I’ve heard enough of it to fill an entire album with the same 3 bars of music) – she comes back and tells me 10:30. I ask why does it take 10 minutes to find that out. She said their systems were down and she had to switch to a different system. Whatever.

I ask to speak to Linda and, of course, I have to repeat my story yet again, and finally she says she will get a message to Linda to call me.

Lo and behold, Linda calls within the hour. She regrets to inform me that they have been unable to locate the delivery manifest, and that at this time they will be unable to honor the warranty. I again try to tell her of all the physical evidence that shows that the warranty should still be in effect. She replies that they have exhausted all possible solutions, that they need the delivery manifest, and they will not honor the warranty.

I tell her I will explore many more possible solutions on my own, including getting a lawyer. She is understanding, but firm.

She asks if I want her to follow up with me at a later date, indicating she is ready to close the file on this one. I tell her she’ll probably be hearing from me again.

Thurs., May 23 – Repair Appointment #6 (Contact #30)
A new repair tech appears this time, and he replaces the compressor and finds & fixes a small leak in the cooling system. I tell him my story and show him the charging label with the April 2008 date. He doesn’t understand why they’re not honoring the warranty. In his opinion, this definitely should be covered under warranty. When he asks for another $371 for the labor, he already assumes I don’t want to pay. He is absolutely correct. He notes it on his computer and goes on his way.

So that is the story up to today, May 23. My refrigerator is finally working and is a chilly 32 degrees. We’ll see how long it lasts.

A few statistics so far to get my refrigerator fixed by Sears:

Total amount of time for repair: 31 days
Points of contact with Sears: 30
Repair Appointments: 6
Calls made by me to Sears: 13
Calls made by Sears to me by a robot: 8
Calls made by Sears to me by a human: 2
Personal Visits to Sears: 1
Total time spent on the phone with Sears: about 360 minutes (6 hours)
Total time spent on hold listening to the same annoying repetitive music: interminable
Days taken off work for repairs: 6 unpaid days
Food spoiled the second time: $200
Additional cost to eat out more since we were without a refrigerator for one month: approx. $600
Cost to repair a $850 refrigerator: approx. $1300.
Age of refrigerator: 4 years, 10 months, 25 days
Sears willingness to honor a 5 year warranty: Nada
Sears willingness to do the right thing: Nada
Chances of my ever buying anything again from Sears: 0%

I am thoroughly and completely disgusted with such an inept company.


to MarkW Henrico, Virginia, United States #676462

Just wait until the liner cracks in your Kenmore Elite. NOT covered. It's "Cosmetic."


This is the complaint that I sent to Sears on their site at searsoutletfeedback.com. I will never purchase from them again.

I purchased a refrigerator on Friday, 05/10/13.

I was verbally told that there would be a charge for delivery and another charge to haul away my old refrigerator. When the receipt printed there was no charge for delivery, etc. I brought that to the customer service guy and he said it was in the computer to be delivered on Monday evening on 05/13/13. On Monday evening, I called the store to make sure I was scheduled for delivery since it was getting so late.

I was told they picked up the refrigerator. Again I questioned them about the delivery charge and was told the same as I was told on Friday. I waited until after dark and still not delivery. I called the store again on Tuesday, 05/14/13.

I was told they would check on it and get back to me. I got tired of waiting because my time had been wasted. I called the store again and told them I wanted to cancel the order and go elsewhere to purchase a refrigerator. I was finally told that the reason it was not delivered was because the delivery had not been paid for.

I still cancelled the order and will not ever make a purchase from Sears. I have had problems years ago with Sears and thought I would give them another chance, but it will never happen again.

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