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Went to Sears in Tyrone to look at a couch, a woman that worked there by the name of Brenda Payne was sitting on one of the displays and told my fiance not to sit on the display because she didn't want his "stink" all over it! So were supposed to buy a couch based on its looks?

She replies with "no,I just don't want your stink all over it"...what a hypocritical woman, and very rude! I feel she is judgemental because we have tattoos, but we both have good paying jobs and just bought a brand new house that we needed appliances!! We will take our business elsewhere, and in fact let the world know what horrible business sears provides at Tyrone mall. I am also going to channel news 9, the newspaper, Facebook,etc!

Discrimination will not be used against me or my future husband! I will not tolerate it!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Is it possible that your fiancé needed a bath?

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