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I purchased a LT 2000 Craftsman in October 2009, similar to this model. The tractor leaked oil from the engine shaft in 1 week onto my garage concrete floor, not a good sign.

It was returned immediately to the store where I purchased it. I was pleasantly surprised to get a replacement model delivered promptly to my home no questions asked. Well two weeks ago the engine on the replacement tractor made an unusual tapping noise and stalled. Now it will not restart.

I called Sears service, explained the problem and was told out of warranty and the recourse is for me to pay for the service call and repair. What a poor quality product that fails within 60 days of the warranty period. Imagine your car engine failed so soon after the warranty. Would you buy another from the same manufacturer ever again?

Anyway I am stuck and will have the service call for a fee to diagnose the engine problem and estimate the repair cost. The LT 2000 has been maintained in accordance with the Craftsman manual I received with the tractor. Unfortunately it is not anything like the trustworthy well built quality we knew from Sears and Craftsman. I doubt I will spend money on another Craftsman product.

The quality just isn't there and that is very unfortunate for the future of Sears/Craftsman. Two LT 2000 failures at my cost in two years!

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