Wheeling, West Virginia

I just got off the phone (and prior to that online chat) with Sears customer service regarding repair of my Craftsman Lawn Tractor. I have an older tractor and the drive belt broke today while mowing grass.

All I wanted was a general cost range for how much it would cost to get the drive belt replaced, and Sears refused to provide one. When I asked what they charged per hour for labor, I was told they do not charge by the hour, but instead by the job. When I asked what a drive belt replacement job would typically cost in range, I was told they could not say. My purpose in asking was to determine whether it would be cost effective to even consider a repair or since the tractor was old, whether it made no sense to go the repair route with cost of parts and labor.

Their solution was to send a technician in a couple of weeks to my home at a minimum cost of $96! All Craftsman lawn tractor service is on site, i.e., they get the fee. I called every tractor repair location in my geographic area and no one will touch a Craftsman tractor for repair.

I asked if I could bring my tractor to a Sears service center to avoid the on site fee and was told all lawn tractor service is on site. Be forewarned, if a spring breaks it will require an onsite service appoint at a mystery cost to repair, and a minimum $96 if your do not accept the mystery parts and labor cost.

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Sears home service is a joke, will never use them again. I had them come out and provide a quote to repair the broken drive belt on my Craftsman mower.

$300 was the quote for literally 15 minutes of work. I asked him to leave my property, I'm not paying him $800/hr to fix a broken belt on a mower, I don't pay that much to change the belt in my automobile.

I'm not a handy person... but I was able to remove the mower deck myself, buy the $28 drive belt from Sears and had it shipped to my house within a few days... and I installed the belt myself.

It was a little trial and error, but its not a tough job. Once the mower deck is removed (a 5 minute job).... the belt takes maybe 15 minutes to put on there, much less once you figure out how it works..

and another 5 minutes to put the mower deck back on. If you were in my area, I'd do it and show you how for a nominal charge.


Here is how Sears does things- Sears charges $96.00 just to come out to your home,. Sears uses job codes that incorporate the $96.00 trip charge with a labor charge which usually is $91.00 dollars an hour.

The cost to replace any belt is usually $187.00. If you don't have the belt already, then be prepared to pay 2-3 times the amount that you would normally purchasing the belt someplace else. Now if you wanted something else done while the tech was there at your home, then the tech is supposed to charge you an additional labor charge, usually it is $18.00 per add on service.

If you lived in Southern Arizona, I would come to your home and install that belt for $75.00 and no other charges.. If anyone who reads this and lives in Southern Arizona and doesn't want Sears to come out, then feel free to contact me at my email address- mllspaz@gmail.com and I will call you