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What a piece of Chinese ***!! "Forever Warranty"--what a joke!

Sears, like so many others, has discovered that it costs absolutely nothing to slap "Forever warranty", Lifetime warranty", or any other claim, promise or commitment on the product tags, advertisements and packaging! When i moved into my current home 18 months ago I went to Sears to purchase what I thought would be the best hose nozzles from a reputable company with a great reputation for excellent customer service[ things have really gone downhill ]. I purchased three(3) of them[ ITEM #69238 / upc#713022811324 ] - enough for each hose bib. In the last 18 months, I have exchanged these multiple times and had AT LEAST (9) different units.

This is a poorly designed and manufactured product - right from the store they are NOT adjustable for an a household water pressure above 35PSI( yes I tested them). They work fine for a few months, then the trigger sticks open(or closed), begins leaking, etc. The first time, I thought I might have left water in them and they might have frozen during winter. I was wrong.

There is no pattern other than the known PSI defect I can establish related to their failure. They fail even though they have never even been through a winter or even left outside. I paid $7.00 each for these. They are almost $9.00 now on the website[ SAME FLAWED DESIGN].

It's not a lot of money, but the principle involved is a crucial one. If we continue to except the indolence and mediocrity of our government, industries and retailers - one day soon THAT WILL BE THE NORM. Maybe it's a bigger problem than I imagine. It might be sheer brilliance on SEARS' part --- they got me to come back into their store at least (9) times[ for this specific issue ].

What a disgrace. Craftsman has become a Chinese wh*re.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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