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So you by your tools at Sears, you get Craftsman tools because of the quality and parts.

After a while you need a consumable part and you go into the local Sears store. You find they don't carry the part and you have to go to the Sears Parts Center.

Now you find they only ship the parts to you home and want $12 to ship a $22 part. When you question the shipping charge for a part you want to pick up at the store. The lady on the other end of the phone rudely says "well you don't expect us to pay for your shipping!". My thought is I buy an expensive tool.

It has consumable parts, I expect to be able to replace the part without paying %50 shipping.

I guess they should list the part at $34 with free shipping.

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Most Craftsmen tools are all made by other companies now. I now buy all my tools elsewhere when I used to only buy Craftsmen tools before. Soon Sears will be like Monkey Wards....gone...They pissed off their customers too.

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